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Wearable Intuitive Interactive Computing

Attention, futurists! This is a glimpse of your precious future! (Though, one wonders if futurists, by design, can ever truly be satisfied) One of the main drawbacks of contemporary computers is that they force us to use them in an uncomfortable way. Hunched over our keyboards and neck-craned over our smartphones, we adopt more of a repetitive, robotic existence: the machines force us to interact with them like machines. As computers become so powerful that their specs become irrelevant, it only stands to reason that the next major evolutionary step for computing is to make it environmentally friendly. I don’t mean in the buzzwordy “green” way, but that computing systems integrate seamlessly into our personal environments.

Fortunately a team from MIT’s diligent nerd-hive led by Pattie Maes & Pranav Mistry have developed a remarkably inexpensive wearable device that could be your own little infoslave. It automatically collects and displays information onto literally ANYTHING with which you interact. They admit that the dork-collar prototype is clunky, but they have definitely thrown up the warp signature to attract the attention of the possible. Besides, the first cell phones were THREE WHOLE POUNDS, so form isn’t really the point at this stage. The beauty of this idea is its inherent simplicity: it spins existing technologies into an entirely new direction. Naturally, this is from the TED conference, an organization that no doubt had to pay off some early-adopter Internet nerd named “Ted” to get its website.

Thanks to Kevin Pereira and his adept Twittering for pointing me to this techno-pornic brain orgy.

You watch now!

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  1. Jayce says:

    Walking in the presence of gnitsa here. Cool thinking all around!

  2. That scares me a little bit actually. In a good way though. I won’t have to remember anything anymore. I can get rid of all the fancy stuff I learned, like me spellin’, me mathmaticks, and me historie. It’s all going to be in my new positronic brain. I can save all that room for learning my Players Handbook front to back. Heck I could put my players handbook in that thing too, what fun would that be? I thought the coolest thing ever was the dice rolling app for my iPod Touch, this could be better for my gaming addiction.

    Great fucking idea. I’ve always wanted to be a scientologist and here’s my chance to be just like Cruise in that Speilberg movie I can’t remember the name of, even though she mentioned it in the speech. SEE I NEED THIS FUCKING THING ALREADY!


  3. Mrmonkeyman says:

    I just wanna walk around and start seeing people in power suits with fully integrated computing. Their device would be a good add-on to a power suit and would give u a good leg up on the enemies/heroes that try and oppose you.

  4. That is freakin’ awesome! And I want!

    I also heard a little Chinese man in my head when I read “You watch now!”


  5. OMFG!! that is amazing and a little scary but i soo want one of those.

  6. Johnny Oz says:

    At first she was talking about how you wouldn’t google someone you just met quickly on your phone, but you might use this device.

    I thought it was going to be something more along the lines of the mirror reflected the light into your eyes so only you can see it. 😛

    Still pretty ingenious though.

  7. Brad says:

    That M Night Shamalama guy called his invention the “Sixth Sense.” A little on the nose.

  8. Tim says:

    Did you catch that last part?

    “hopefully we’ll be here in ten years with the ultimate 6th sense brain implant.”

    Brain implant?!? Not to be alarmist, but she is one of them and must be destroyed before it is too late.

  9. Roberto says:

    Thank you Mr Chris. I enjoy your work.


  10. Alex says:

    Holy shit, that is awesome!!!

  11. Johnny Oz says:

    Hehe, very interesting, thanks for posting Chris.

    I used to try to keep up with all the TED’s, far too many. I totally gave up.

  12. gene says:

    One of these years, someone needs to promote something pornographic at TED.

  13. TonyWasRight says:

    That’s the fanciest necktie i’ve ever seen. That device looks pretty sweet but i wouldn’t see it as very practical in my everyday life since all they showed could be done with a smartphone. The thing about going to a store and seeing which product is best and getting a rating via amazon or whatnot feels like you have no more control over what YOU want.
    I maybe old fashioned but i would pick a product based on my prefrence and not the top % in a poll. I would feel like some weird android throwing up gang signs to pick which soup taste the best in a supermarket and also that “Collar” gives our imminent robot overlords a easier way to control us.

  14. thanks for the info and the video.