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Watching a Furby Cut in Half Is Surprisingly Disturbing

Every kid at some point, usually to the chagrin of his or her parents, has broken a toy apart to try and learn how it was made. Sure, such curiosity comes at the expensive of an otherwise perfectly good plaything, but it’s a worthwhile price in the development of a young and inquisitive mind. However, it turns out that doing the same thing as an adult, with the help of much more advanced grown-up toys, isn’t an exercise in intellectual enlightenment. It’s a horrible and disturbing realization that even inanimate objects can arouse empathy from us, like when you slice a Furby in half and it looks like it is suffering.


This toy dissection/snuff film comes from the YouTube channel What’s Inside, and they used a high-powered waterjet to slice straight through both a 2016 Furby Connect and also a 1996 original Furby (which they purchased for 500 freaking dollars just to destroy!). While the newer toy was much more advanced and interactive as a result of it’s advanced chip board, they weren’t all that different in how they were made even after 20 years.

However, the “what” here takes a back seat to the troubling “how,” because the Furby Connect looked like it was actually crying as it was cut in half, with Furby blood pouring out of its eyes and ears in its final moments. That toy was creepy and unsettling when it was working normally, but it really came to life just as it was being brutally butchered.


So even though we cared about our toys way more as kids, and we broke them apart in a quest to learn about the world without worry or concern, we were never troubled by their destruction as we were by this video, because back then the answer to “what’s inside a Furby” was simply some plastic and computer pieces.

Only now do we know the real answer to that question is pain and suffering.

Especially since it cost 500 dollars for an old broken toy to figure that out.

What did you think? Was it strangely upsetting to you to see the Furby cut in half, or are you more upset about the 500 dollars? Tell us in the comments below.

Images: What’s Inside

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