Published May 05 2017

Taliesin Jaffe (Cayden), Satine Phoenix (Sat), Amy Vorpahl (Darby), Amy Dallen (Raina), and Matthew Mercer (Tanner) are a group of friends who could be considered family. They’ve gone through a lot over the years and always found adventure in one form or another. It’s the 1980s and they’re in the prime of their life but the summer is nearly over and the first year of college is coming. Since not all of them will be going down the same path, the friends have gotten together for one last weekend of camping and memories, DMed by Ivan Van Norman.

Dread is a game of horror and hope, in an original macabre tale. A delicate atmosphere is represented by pulling blocks from an oversized Jenga tower. Instead of dice rolls, they pull a block from the tower.

This game of Dread was played during the Geek & Sundry International Tabletop Day 2017 stream to support Extra Life.

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