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Watch, Watch, and Watch Some More: What We Learned At Nerdist This Week

First, a word from our “sponsor”:

Yes, one more time, WATCH THE NERDIST TV SHOW SATURDAY NIGHT AT 10/9c ON BBC AMERICA. It’s Nerdist, but on TV with an audience and movin’ pictures and Craig Ferguson and Matt Smith and Mike Phirman and stuff. Tell your friends, too.

You can understand our enthusiasm, I trust. Taking a podcast and turning it into a real TV show is pretty amazeballs, as our leader and the host and star of our show Chris Hardwick would say. So we’re excited. Plus, the more people who watch, the more likely it gets that there’ll be more. So, please watch.

(And as for the inevitable questions, no, I do not know whether the show will air in other countries or be available online or in some other fashion. I’m not hiding anything; I honestly don’t know. All I know is that it’s airing on BBC America.)

Oh, and while I’m plugging Nerdist stuff, Chris was on WTF with Marc Maron this week; go here to listen to Chris talk about his life career and bowling.

And Jonah Ray will be appearing with the Walking the Room podcast stars, Greg Behrendt and Dave Anthony, on Monday (9/26) at the Starfish Circus at Largo at the Coronet in Los Angeles, along with Never Not Funny podcast star Jimmy Pardo, frequent podcast guest Kyle Kinane, and Greg’s band the Reigning Monarchs.  It’s at 9 pm Monday, and I can’t go, but if you can, tickets are here. There’s also Jonah and Matt’s usual NerdMelt shows, information about which you can find here.

And I have nothing of my own to plug, so you’re safe. But I do have a rundown of the stuff that we encountered at this here website thing this week, so…:

1. After hours last Friday, Chris posted the podcast with Tom Green. Much Canadian discussion ensued. Tom’s at the Wilbur Theater on September 30th to tape his TV special, in case you’ll be in town.

2. Kyle reviewed “The God Complex,” involving a very strange hotel and confrontations with everyone’s deepest fears.

3. New Childish Gambino! Becca had it for us right away.

4. Kyle brought us back to the ’70s for a clip of a particularly lame Spider-Man — as a Mets fan! — from The Electric Company.  “HEY, YOU GUYS!  We’re gonna turn it on, we’re gonna bring you the power….”

5. Jake had another selection of the 5 most intentionally funny videos of the week, plus one unintentionally funny one.

6. Craig Ferguson met Elmo. Epic.

7. From Back to the Future‘s Biff to painter, comedian, and, coming soon, podcaster, Tom Wilson has had a really eclectic ride in the business, and he came on the Nerdist Podcast to talk about it. Also, we got to see the FAQ-like thing he hands to fans, and it’s kinda perfect.

8. Matthew G. noted that the trailer for EA Sports’ FIFA Soccer 12 used the Battles‘ “Ice Cream” for the soundtrack, an interesting choice to promote a sports video game.

9. Chris got another job, this time as host of AMC’s upcoming Talking Dead, the Walking Dead live after-show coming in October. Why, yes, he IS perfect for that job.

10. Ooh: Nerdist TV show sneak peek! You got to see some hostful byplay, just like on the podcast.

11. In the wake of the Emmys and the Mark Twain Prize, Jake asked why we need to pick the funniest when it’s all subjective anyway. Good question. But, then again, I haven’t won an award, unless being radio “Program Director of the Week” in Billboard magazine in 1993 is an award (hint: It isn’t. It’s just an interview. And the writer didn’t like me).

12. Kyle gave us four lesser celebrated Monty Python sketches. Still funny.

13. Everybody loves outtakes. These were from, yes, the Nerdist TV show. Can we do the Wayne’s World thing?

14. Matthew G.’s Music Geek Track of the Week honored a band that called it quits this week.

15. Podcasts: Indoor Kids Kumail and Emily had Ron Funches over for some family gaming talk. Because we gotta be complete, and because it was funny, we gave you the Todd Glass aftershow with Rory Scovel. Comic and musician Bo Burnham was Riki’s guest on Making It. Mistress Mary Typhus visited Sex Nerd Sandra, and you listened because you DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD. For the Nerdist Writer’s Panel, Ben hosted Amy Berg, Ben Edlund, and Angelina Burnett, and that means Eureka, The Tick, and Memphis Beat. And Todd welcomed Kevin Farley to the studio overlooking the car dealership.

16. And we had a lot of links to posts by our friends at BBC America’s Anglophenia blog for Nerdist Week over there, including: Fraser McAlpine’s “Fraser’s Phrases” defined some nerd words like swots and boffins and spods and anoraks; Chris picked his favorite British comedies; We heard some Trock, a/k/a Time Lord Rock; We saw a Doctor Who-Girl With the Dragon Tattoo mashup, and one with the Muppets, too; We got a list of celebrity Whovians; British nerd pop stars got to take a bow; Chris picked his top 5 Whovian moments and curated the Doctor Who Tumblr; we witnessed a battle between British vs. American nerds; and, of course, we counted down the Five Nerdist Podcasts that Shook the World.

17. LAST MINUTE ADDITION: Chris posted a “Hostful Plus” podcast featuring our own “Make Cool Stuff” columnist Mindy Holahan, in from Philadelphia to drop by the show.

(exhales) Okay, we’re done here. Have a great weekend, and… oh, no, I feel it coming on again… WATCH THE NERDIST TV SHOW SATURDAY NIGHT AT 10/9c ON BBC AMERICA. Thank you, enjoy your burrito, good night, everybody!

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  1. John R says:

    Enjoyed the show. My seven year old son just about wet his pants he was laughing so hard at the “What we Learned” bit. Hope to see more.

  2. John says:

    Is BBC Canada running this show?

  3. Thiefree says:

    I am British, and eager to hear of any possibilities regarding watching the hell out of this. It is relevant to MANY of my interests!

  4. JeffyB says:

    I really wish I had BBC America… what other ways can we without extended cable do to help with the success of the show?