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Watch the Video for GHOSTBUSTERS HQ, NYC’s Immersive Paranormal Party (Exclusive)

A few days ago, we told you all about how on June 8, the anniversary of the original Ghostbusters release in 1984, Sony would be throwing a nationwide Ghostbusters Day celebration. The paranormal party will include hundreds of screenings of the first film, a sneak peak at the new reboot, the old and new casts appearing together on Jimmy Kimmel Live, plus cool giveaways and contests for fans. While all of that sounds like a great way to honor three decades of the specter-bustin’ franchise, the most intriguing bit of news was the one-of-a-kind party that will be taking place in Brooklyn: an immersive 360 degree interactive experience called Ghostbusters HQ.

Even when we had no idea what that entailed we wanted to go. Now that we know what will be going down in that neighborhood, we need to go.

This unique four-day event is being thrown by BBQ Films at the Villain in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and it is the only authorized immersive screening in the country. You can watch an exclusive sneak peak video of what they have planned (featuring Peter Venkman’s stepson Oscar) in our video player above.

So what will make this a fully immersive experience? They say that besides showing the movie on multiple screens, they will have live Ghostbusters characters, themed rooms, and—of course—ghosts (but if you go, we fully expect you not to be ‘fraid of no ghosts). On top of all that there will also be music, a limited-edition event poster, and “the chance to become a licensed Ghostbuster.”

This is in addition to the previously announced opportunity to be among the first to play the new Ghostbusters video game from Activision, Ghostbusters: Slime City, as well as throw back some Hi-C Ecto Cooler at the bar and have your very own “unique spectral encounters” recorded with special GIPHY Cam filters.

The event runs for four days, from Wednesday June 8 until Saturday June 11, and you can purchase tickets at their site. You can get their “New Recruit” ticket package ($42-$47), which gets you “hands-on training with ghostbustin’ gear,” tutorials from their “paranormal scientists,” your very own “ghost sighting consultations, the poster, and a “(maybe haunted) photo booth picture.”

Or, if you want a few more perks, you can opt for their “Friend of Slimer” ticket ($72-$77), which gets you all of that plus reserved seating, two free “adult” Ecto-beverages (and here we’ve been making those at home all these years like suckers), and a special commemorative gift. All of those events start at 7 p.m.

Now for the good news/bad news: those shows are all 21+ (and don’t forget your ID), but fear not! They have announced a special family event for Saturday afternoon (1 p.m.), though kids need their own tickets ($10-21). On top of getting to go to something very cool, some of the proceeds from ticket sales will go to charity, so you’ll be doing some good too.

As BBQ Films told us, “This full week of events is really dedicated to the fans of Ghostbusters,” and as we can see from their video they’re pretty big fans themselves, so we’re confident those of you lucky enough to attend will have a great time.

And if things get strange and New York  gets overrun by ghosts you’ll be in the safest place in the city.

What part of Ghostbusters HQ has you most excited? We need you to tell us in the comments below.

Excited for the new Ghostbusters movie? Read our breakdown of the trailer below!

Images: Columbia Pictures

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