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Watch the “Invader ZIM” Cast Reading Unproduced Scripts

Fans of Invader ZIM will like this: The main cast doing a live reading of an unproduced script, “Day of Da Spookies,” at InvaderCON in Atlanta.

And another reading, “Mopiness of Doom”:

Watching voice actors do their work, and seeing those character voices come out of the real humans behind them, is always interesting, especially with guys like Richard Steven Horvitz (he’ll always be Daggett of Angry Beavers to me) who throw themselves into it so much that you expect their throats to explode.

HT: The Daily What, show creator Jhonen Vasquez

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  1. Lola says:

    I hear that their gonna bring back invader zim back !!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. whydoIneedaname says:

    This would be really entertaining if it weren’t for all those stupid LITTLE fools ruining the whole thing by heckling, interrupting, and trying to do more than being a generous audience, but instead were only trying to impress those around them. Not cool. Invader Zim is awesome I tell you… AWESOME!!!!!! Therefore NO ONE should interrupt him or Dib (although his head is freakishly large) at any time. Even if it is to adore them. CURSE YOU overly excited little girls for saying “awww” entirely too much! CURSE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

  3. mouseandcat says:

    … And whenever I hear Melissa Fahn’s voice, I imagine the words being spoken by Edward from Cowboy Bebop.

  4. bikara says:

    OMG I LOVE ANGRY BEAVERZ!!! even though i’m really past its time, its an incredible show. much better than what they put on nick now!!! but lol with me, at first whenever i closed my eyes while watching angry beavers, i would always see zim saying what dagget was saying XD

  5. Eric Thomas says:

    This is great! Anyone know where there’s more “behind the scenes” video of voice actors doing their thing?

  6. Adrian says:

    This just made my day. ^.^




  7. Anon says:

    Because the puppets totally discorage Zadr. They aren’t encouraging the fangirls at all. 🙂

  8. Anthony says:


  9. Secret Squirrel says:

    I too can only hear Invader Zim as essentially Dagget’s Muscular Beaver; Both Angry Beavers and Invader Zim are available through Netflix Instantwatch NOW! =)

  10. G.mike1470 says:

    Ha, I love Invader Zim, I bought the box set for my little brother and referenceit all the time. The only thing that got to me was after watching it for a couple of hours, all the screaming kind of made me crazy. I’m glad they stopped the show though, it would have just gone down the drain “always leave them wanting more”.

  11. anon says:

    I cringed every time I heard a fangirl squeel, cheer, or AWWWWW.
    but all in all I likes’dit.

  12. Wesley Marshall says:

    Damn I want this show back on TV so bad. I miss it so. DOOM DOOM DOOM oh what’s that XD

  13. Leif says:

    Very much reminded me of The Thrilling Adventure Hour, I wish that (it will NEVER happen though) they would turn it into an ‘old timey radio show’. It would be delightful and I would attend every performance.

    This video tickled me to no end. Thank you so much whomever put this out there. Originally I mean, thanks also go to Perry.

  14. The Head Geek says:

    I loved this show SO MUCH! *shakes a fist in the air*

  15. Dave says:

    I’m assuming the Zim/Dib makeout scene is non-canon. Awesome post!

  16. Adam Havick says:

    THANK YOU FOR POSTING THESE!!! Wow made my day. Lets nerd source an episodic motion comic of squee!

  17. JetpackBlues says:

    Two things I love in life — Invader Zim and cast readings live — TOGETHER!

    Thanks for finding/posting this.

    *sniff* I… love you.

  18. Mememe says:

    Annoying fan-girl squealing is annoying >:/

  19. pieceofpi says:

    oh man, thanks for pointing these out!

  20. Devi says:

    …I love this with every fiber of my being.

  21. pushabutton says:

    “I call you a monkey. YOU A MONKEY!!”
    I miss this show so much. Especially Gir.

  22. ChelseaIRL says:

    OMG! Angry Beavers. i haven’t thought of that show in FOREVER!

    …see, that’s why i love this site. we’re all around the same age, so all the stuff you guys grew up with and reference, i grew up with and get all nostalgic and it’s good. 🙂

  23. smartbunny says: