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Watch the First Clip from Disney’s PETE’S DRAGON Remake!

Watch the First Clip from Disney’s PETE’S DRAGON Remake!

Happy Monday, Morselers! Let’s get this work week started with the first ever clip from this summer’s Pete’s Dragon. Also in today’s Movie Morsels, we have a brand new gallery of portraits of every single member of Suicide Squad, a new Star Trek Beyond TV spot, the latest from Fast 8, and more!

Pete’s Dragon

Stars Robert Redford and Bryce Dallas Howard are featured in today’s clip from Pete’s Dragon, Disney’s remake of its 1977 animated-and-live-action musical. Costarring Oakes Fegley, Wes Bentley, Karl Urban, and Oona Laurence, the David Lowery-helmed films opens in 2D, Disney Digital 3-D, and RealD 3D on August 12.


Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad large

I know I’ve said this before, but each time I meant it. Honest! Today we have our best look yet at the cast of Warner Bros.’ Suicide Squad, thanks to Entertainment Weekly. At the bottom of this page you’ll find a full gallery of in-character portraits of Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Joel Kinnaman, Viola Davis, Jai Courtney, Jay Hernandez, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Ike Barinholtz, Scott Eastwood and Cara Delevingne. Enjoy!

[Entertainment Weekly]

Star Trek Beyond

“Unity” is the theme of the latest Star Trek Beyond TV spot. And word on the streets is that the crew of the Enterprise will need all the unity it can muster as it goes up against Idris Elba’s Big Bad, Krall. This time around, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto Simon Pegg, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, John Cho, and Anton Yelchin are also joined by Sofia Boutella. But is her character friend or foe? We’ll find out when the film beams into theaters on July 22.


Fast 8

Speaking of Star Trek Beyond… While the film landed longtime Fast & Furious director Justin Lin, the Universal franchise is taking a page from Lin’s latest project, as it follows in Beyond‘s footsteps by launching an Omaze campaign in Paul Walker’s honor, detailed in the video below. It features Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, and our other favorites from the next installment in the high-octane series, arriving on April 14, 2017.

[Fast & Furious]



Finally today, in case you missed it last week, Kiefer Sutherland is apparently returning for the recently announced remake of 1990’s Flatliners, a film that mainly garnered attention for its onscreen pairing of Sutherland and his then girlfriend Julia Roberts. Trust me, I was in college at the time—none of us gave a second thought to Flatliners, and the reviews were tepid at best, which means this is one remake where there’s only room for improvement! Ellen Page, Diego Luna, Nina Dobrev, James Norton, and Kiersey Clemens costar.


What do you think of today’s top stories? Let us know below!

Featured Image: Disney

Images: Disney, Warner Bros., Entertainment Weekly, Columbia


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