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Watch Me Tell Jokey Jokes On John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show

jonysMy first of two episodes premieres tonight on Comedy Central. I sincerely hope the television can capture how much fun it was to actually do these shows.

The funny thing to me is that people constantly say, “I had NO IDEA you did stand-up!” and I always think, “…but that’s MAINLY what I do!” Then I realize that there just isn’t that much of my face doing stand-up in the media, so how would they know that? My fault! These shows are my first steps toward changing that.

Tune in tonight to see myself along with John “a guy who’s as nice as he is funny, which is VERY” Oliver, Kristen Schaal (Flight of the Conchords), Nick Kroll (The League), & Matt Braunger (Mad TV).

And catch me live sometime if you can. It won’t suck.

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  1. Deltus says:

    Next time you’s in Toronto, lemme know, k?

  2. C. Hatfield says:

    You need to hit Pittsburgh more often.

  3. Karen says:

    I have to admit it. I had never heard of you until I saw you on Oliver’s show tonight. I instantly became a fan. I thought the same thing Mike said – why were you on first? I thought you and Nick Krull made the show.

    Looking forward to seeing you in Austin!

  4. ErdoS says:

    You were the best of all of them. I hope you headline the next John oliver stand-up show. BTW Chris hurry up with this stand-up album/dvd, we’re all waiting on ya!

  5. Arthur says:

    Thanks for this. Now I don’t have to watch bad quality youtube videos to see your stand-up.

  6. I think you killed last night. I am pretty sure you were the standout star on that show. I laughed harder at your jokey jokes, than I did with the others, even though I heard your set just a month ago or less. Great job. You also didn’t look as nervous as a few of the other comedians. Either you hide it well, or you are just that cool and collected. I’m betting your just good at hiding it. No one is that cool. I bet even Eddie Murphy used to get nervous. Not that I am comparing you to Eddie Murphy, but you do work on a show with talking animals, so there are SOME similarities. Hardwick Doolittle. Catchy? Yeah not really.

    The Fish

  7. Charles says:

    Great show. Short set, but the whole thing was dynamite. PLEASE come to PAX!

  8. Kijan says:

    loved it! And yes everyone should see chris live! I’ve made the trip to LA twice and it was well worth it!

  9. ellie says:

    oh it was so good! wish your time was longer though….. *tear*

  10. xSarahx says:

    You were wonderful…as always. I’ll see you when you come to a metropolis in my vicinity.