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Watch Jeff Tweedy Sing Stephen Colbert a Lullaby on THE LATE SHOW

There may be no one better equipped to sing a lullaby than Jeff Tweedy.

Tweedy’s Wilco was the latest musical guest on The Late Show. Poised and polished as ever, the iconic indie rockers played “Random Name Generator,” the guitar-heavy track from their Grammy-nominated 2015 record, Star Wars. (They also created an actual random name generator via Buzzfeed. You can take a short personality quiz and find out which Wilco dude is most like you – I got Mikael Jorgensen.)

At the end of show, Colbert, tucked into bed with pajamas over his suit and cuddling a teddy bear, introduced the guests on the next night’s show. Then, he turned to his right, where Tweedy was seated next to him on a wooden chair, armed with an acoustic guitar: “It’s 12:30, would you mind playing us a lullaby?”

Tweedy obliged, of course. In that dulcet voice tailor-made for lullabies, the singer-songwriter shared an encouraging ditty: “Sometimes you’re scared, and then you’re not scared / Sometimes you worry, and then you don’t care / Sometimes you cry and then you’re ok.”

It was all very tender. The pair whistled together, Colbert waved his bear’s arms, and eventually he even gave the bear a giraffe friend.

“Your friends will be beside you, nobody’s going to leave you,” Tweedy continued, “Tomorrow’s gonna be a great day.”

Tweedy recently revealed that he’s working on a memoir that traces his musical history from Clash fanatic to eclectic indie rock titan. No title or release date has been revealed, but it’s sure to be rife with Tweedy witticisms and poignant Wilco anecdotes from beneath “California Stars.”

Have very pleasant tomorrows, Nerdist readers – they’re going to be great.


HT: Pitchfork


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