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Watch Ben’s Full GAME OF THRONES Freak-Out in PARKS AND RECREATION Deleted Scene

When Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) gave her husband Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) a replica of the iron throne from HBO/George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones, we were all — admit it! — a little jealous. And while his reaction during the scene that made it to air on NBC’s Parks and Recreation was pretty priceless, this recently revealed deleted scene proves to be a bit more accurate to the sort of geek-out we’d expect from a true citizen of The Realm. Namely: he loses his ever-loving shit.

It’s an adorable freak-out made all the more hilarious by Ben’s desire to roleplay as the most recent king of Westeros. (No word on if he considers himself more of a Lannister or a Stark, though.) Unfortunately, Leslie doesn’t seem to get better at staying in the correct nerd universe — you’d think Ben would’ve taught her better by now! — but it doesn’t take away from the perfect display of freaking out that ensues. Check it out for yourselves:


Now tell us true: Would you have freaked out more or less than Ben? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Ellen Yarbrough says:

    Why don’t I watch this show? This scene is hilarious. I would have been weeping on the floor.

  2. Carolina says:

    Oh my lord. I would have FLIPPED. I’ve always wanted to sit in the Iron Throne that goes around with the GOT Exhibit, but it doesn’t come to Florida! But I totally would’ve been all “I am the Queen of Westeros!” and brought Richard Madden (Robb) back to life to be my king. lol

  3. alex says:

    Pretty sure he’s Team Lannister, his ebay username was TallTyrionLannister iirc.

  4. angeles says:

    no puedo ver las escenas eliminadas de la nbc, ¿Cómo lo conseguís vosotros?

  5. Jacqueline polk says:

    I understand, but it wouldn’t be me. Like someone said earlier if it were the TARDIS…

  6. Rebecca says:

    I love how he “takes a lap” before sitting in it 🙂

  7. Maricela says:

    Too. Cute.

    Honestly, who wouldn’t react to getting their very own Iron Throne?

  8. Irene Smith says:

    This was spectacular! Way to go, Leslie, on a super cool gift! And go ahead, Ben, #treatyoself! lol 🙂

  9. Jeff MacDonald says:

    There most definitely were not 723 past kings… the swords used to make the iron throne were taken from those that surrendered to Aegon the conquerer, not only the past kings of the 7 kingdoms. And there were over a thousand swords.

    I’ll go back to my mom’s basement now to finish analyzing the chronology of the war of the ninepenny kings.

  10. Babs says:

    I prefer the take they used on the show, but I’m glad to see this outtake.

  11. Haylo says:

    This is way better than the scene that made it onto the show. Love it!

  12. leslielies says:

    I would have had a similar reaction. This is hilarious!

  13. samwise4815 says:

    I probably would have sat down, said “I AM THE MOTHER OF DRAGONS”, found Kit Harrington and fulfilled my fangirl fantasies… but if the iron throne was a TARDIS, i most definitely would be having that reaction.