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New WARCRAFT Movie Trailer Has Death, Destruction, and Dubstep

It doesn’t matter whether you’re Horde or Alliance, because there is one rule of nature by which we all abide: we all have the wait for the drop. Thankfully, the newest Warcraft trailer doesn’t make us wait too long, delivering an action-packed, frenetically paced sneak peek at our impending trip to Azeroth. The new trailer, published Wednesday morning on Warcraft‘s Facebook page, gives us our clearest look yet at the orc versus human action heading our way this June — which is saying something because the scenes come in fast, furious waves.

The film, based on the mega-popular Blizzard Entertainment video games and directed by Duncan Jones, tells the story of the first encounter between orcs and humans in the realm of Azeroth. Fleeing their dying homeworld of Draenor, the orcs seek refuge in a new world — that of Azeroth, where humans reign supreme. Using a gateway known as the Dark Portal, a sinister magical object powered by destructive Fel magic, the orcish Horde creates a bridge between worlds. With the humans facing invasion and the orcs desperately trying to stave off extinction, warriors and leaders from both sides must race against time to put an end to the impending conflict and ensure that the warring factions don’t wipe each other off the face of the earth.

Honestly, the dubstep soundtrack worked surprisingly well for me. So much fantasy can come across as overly stuffy or staid, which is definitely the opposite of what Warcraft represents. The driving beat, coupled with flashes of intense action, got me revved up for the all-out war ahead. And how about that drop? Maybe they should change the name to Wub-wub-wubcraft. No? Okay, cool, yeah that’s probably for the best.

In addition to the new trailer, Universal and Legendary also released a new poster featuring Durotan (Toby Kebbell), Garona Halforcen (Paula Patton), Anduin Lothar (Travis Fimmel), and Khadgar (Ben Schentzer). These characters seem to be the main players who will need to cross enemy lines, so to speak, in order to save the day in the epic fantasy saga.


Warcraft invades theaters on June 10, 2016.

Are you Team Horde or Team Alliance? Bend the knee and let us know for whom you fight in the comments below.

No one is more excited for Warcraft than this guy we met at Blizzcon:

Images: Universal/Legendary

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