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Want to Play Mario Kart in a Taxi? Peru Has You Covered

If you like to travel with turtle shells and bananas, we may have found just the car service for you. Because a taxi company in Peru has outfitted some of its cabs with Mario Kart so passengers can go for a ride while getting one and now we’re 100% moving to Peru.

Easy Taxi PERÚ has turned 10 of its Lima cabs into Game Cars, each outfitted with a Wii U running Mario Kart 8. The cars are easy to spot, as they have been decorated with video game controllers on the exterior to tip people off. Don’t worry if you are sharing that cab, either, as they have two controllers for multiple riders. Because who doesn’t want to make a friend/enemy while riding in the back of a cab, eh?


Compared to the usual modern cab—the ones that also tend to come with in-cab screens—this interactive entertainment based one is considerably more alluring. Also, there is something inherently cool about playing a racing game while being driven around. Although, maybe it would be more appropriate to be playing Mario Kart: Double Dash instead. What are the odds that, if you tip the driver a little extra at the start of the ride, he’ll let you live out your dream of actually playing Mario Kart on city streets by allowing you to throw things at other cars?

What’s that you say? Unlikely? OK yeah sure fine.

I guess we’ll just have accept that playing the game in a taxi is the closest we’ll come to a real-life Mario Kart experience. Well, besides being in a New York City cab.

So what other video games would you love to play while being driven around? Race to our comments section to let us know.

HT: rocketnews24
Images: YouTube/Easy Taxi PERÚ

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