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Wander the Floor at NYCC with Jessica

Hey guys! I’ve been wandering the NYCC floor today and thought I’d share some off beat and fun things.

Mustaches! Try a little wooden one, why not?


These cool leather bound, refillable journals looked amazing.


The family that cosplays together stays together!


So. Many. Legos. This was my favorite, naturally. There’s also a massive hulk being constantly molested by the public.



Ahhh, nostalgia!


I still don’t know what this was but it was pretty great.



Even the sex nerds are represented! (Well. Sorta.)


There’s so much going on down here. If you’re about tomorrow, say hello! I’ll be the nervous nerd trying not to bump into too many people. If there’s anything else you’d like to see, let me know at @jessicasayswhat and I’ll try to get a shot so that you may live vicariously through my exploits. I’ll be posting lots of stuff there too.

Happy NYCC!

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  1. Hicham says:

    Dawn Dinsdale – Finally, I have taken the time to watch this very beautiful film dnoimectung Anne and Sam’s wedding day. It was touching and so well done. My congratulations, again, to a couple who is seeking to honor the Lord in their personal lives and now in their marriage! God bless!

  2. Teriyah says:

    I WANT that leather bound journal.

  3. Mokoshne says:

    Lego Hulk. completely awesome.