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VVVVVV Finished

I’ve never hated someone this much before. This is old, but VVVVVV was a bastard of a game to play. I played it on Normal and it took me a couple of hours. I estimate my deaths in the 4,000 region. I nearly threw my keyboard at my monitor in frustration, quit, and vowed never to return. And then came back 10 minutes later. I hate you, Terry Cavanagh.

Out of interest, did anyone here give no deaths on VVVVVV a go? Or did you do what I did, and left it alone to die, along with the VVVVVV shiny item collection? Or are you all looking at me saying “Christ almighty, Patrick, for a games writer you do suck at games,” and went back to playing Super Meat Boy with blindfolds?

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  1. Benjamin says:

    I just finished this the other day. I beat the game with about 450 deaths, but I didn’t even try to get all of the trinkets.

  2. Tim says:

    I hate platform games. Just watching that made my blood pressure rise.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Here’s how I see it
    Didn’t finish VVVVVV: Action video games just aren’t your thing. You can go play Final Fantasy, or Pokemon, or Magic the Gathering.
    Finished VVVVVV: You like video games. You’re can hang out with the more hard-core gamers and still have stuff to talk about.
    Got all the trinkets: You’ve got the gamer bug. Something in your brain just makes you want to restart the level because you only got a bronze rank. And if you don’t get 100% completion on a game, there’s always that little urge in the back of your mind to pick that game up again.
    Finished no-death mode: You’re obsessed, there’s no doubt about it. You’re the guy who has one game that you play every day for a year. You probably have 8 characters at max level in WoW, or are diamond rank in Starcraft 2, or are on the top of the leader-boards in any other game.

  4. moofie says:

    That is everything I hate about platform games x 1,000,000. I think you’re actually a better person, the worse you are at that game. So I’m freakin’ unbelievably awesome, I am.

  5. Patrick Rose says:

    I like you Rev. You can be the favourite reader of the week. There’s a prize, which is 10 brownie points*.

    *brownie points are exchanged for point points, at a rate of 15 brownie points to 1 point point**
    **Point points are exchanged for nothing.

  6. Rev says:

    I haven’t finished the game. feel awesome again.

  7. Patrick Rose says:


  8. Christian says:

    Never played that game but the BG music was awesome!

  9. I wasn’t going to mention that I got all the shiny trinkets, too, but Patrick Rose was asking for it!

    I definitely didn’t try for “No Death Mode,” though. IIRC, I must have died over 1200 times during the course of the game. That may sound like a lot, but that’s probably not even close to the number of times I died to the Gatling Gun alone in N…

  10. Patrick Rose says:

    Just so you know, any further comments with “I got all the shiny trinkets” will be followed with one by me saying I hate you being better than me.

    I’m not a sore loser, no sir.

  11. Hermit says:

    I got all 20 of the shiny trinkets (Die in a fire please, Veni Vidi Vici). Didn’t even try and touch No Death Mode though.

    Might need to go back to VVVVVV with the new update though. Level editor sounds intriguing.