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VOLTRON Season 3 Trailer Shows Lotor and New Black Lion Pilot

I reacted the same way I’m sure most people reacted about the end of “Blackout,” the season two cliffhanger finale of DreamWorks Animation and Netflix’s fantastic Voltron: Legendary Defender series: sheer, unadulterated shock. The paladin of Voltron may have defeated their sworn enemy, Lord Zarkon, but at what a cost?! Shiro, the leader of the group, and the pilot of the all-important Black Lion, completely disappeared following the battle. Where did he go? Why did he disappear in the first place? And who will lead Voltron? Thankfully, all of these questions will be addressed in season three (and four) of Voltron coming very soon.

First, let’s look at this awesome trailer:

This trailer accompanies the news coming out of the official Voltron panel at San Diego Comic-Con that season three will be premiering right around the corner, on August 4. This season will consist of only seven episodes, but before you get too bent out of shape, fear not, because season four of Voltron will be hot on its heels, with six episodes hitting Netflix in October. This was explained by series executive producer Joaquim dos Santos–instead of making fans wait a long time for episodes, they’d get fewer episodes at once but would have to wait a lot less time in between new batches. That way, the series could come out more or less year round rather than simply once or twice a year. Pretty rad, eh?


In addition to Shiro’s surprise disappearance, the season two finale set up a new villain: Zarkon’s son, Prince Lotor. The SDCC crowd got their first glimpse of Lotor in the premiere screening, and he’s certainly a very different kind of villain–more operatic, layered in his ways, and much more conniving in an outwardly noble way. He’s fascinating. It can now be told that Lotor will be voiced by A.J. LoCasio, whom you might know as the voice of Marty McFly from the Telltale Games Back to the Future game.


We also got our first look at these characters–Lotor’s gang of Galra elite warriors. It’s very clear from the episode that Lotor and his cronies have something specific in mind for the Voltron paladins, and it probably won’t fall in line with what Emperor Zarkon, or the Witch Haggar would have done. We’ll have to wait and see!


The Blade of Marmora also play a prominent role in liberating various systems under Zarkon’s dominion, and prove extra important in the fight since they’re currently one lion short of making a complete Voltron. But, since the Blade of Marmora are Galra, will the newly freed planets be all that willing to trust them?


Well, at least Lance is having a good time being the savior of various new people who can adore him.

It’s supremely exciting that we only have a couple of weeks to wait until there’s brand new Voltron: Legendary Defender to watch, and that we’ll be getting it more regularly! This is news we can all get behind.

What do you think of Prince Lotor, and who do you think will fly the black lion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Images: DreamWorks/Netflix

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