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UTOPIA is Looking for Pioneers: The Time to Build Your Ideal Civilization is Now!

Remember a couple months back when we told you about that nutty social experiment-turned-TV-show, Utopia? Well, it seems that all systems are go for the post-apocalyptic nightmare scenario, as Fox has actively begun searching for participants. That’s right, folks: Now, you, too, can enter for a chance to grace the world with your idealized vision for the future of humanity! What could possibly go wrong? Check out the casting notice:

Have you ever wanted to create a new society from scratch? FOX’s new unscripted social experiment series, Utopia is searching for candidates to create a whole new world. Nationwide casting is now underway and we’re seeking motivated pioneers who have the ideas, skills and determination to create and run an ideal society. Casting is searching for candidates, “21 and over” who are passionate, great at what they do, and also have the problem solving skills needed for starting up a new society. If you think you have what is takes to create Utopia, then visit to learn more and how to apply.

We’re not sure why the stipulation that applicants be older than 21 is in quotation marks, but we’ll leave that speculation up to you. The series — with an iteration already underway in the Netherlands — follows 15 inhabitants as they leave their normal existence for a full year to move to an undeveloped, isolated area and create a world of their very own. It’s like Big Brother meets Lord of the Flies, you guys. Which makes sense, considering the series is from none other than Big Brother/The Voice creator John de Mol himself.

The social experiment’s cast — erm, pioneers — will make every decision about how they will live, work, and eat on camera for a viewing audience at home. Laws will be made (and broken) in the name of creating a real, live — wait for it — Utopia. AaaaaaAAAAaaaaaah! (Imagine that’s being sung by a Greek chorus.)


Will you be tuning in to Utopia? Currently watching the Netherlands iteration? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. marco mendez says:

    I like to see that here at south Florida
    Count me in

  2. Glenn says:

    On behalf of the Netherlands I can only apologize in advance. It’s not an Utopia, it’s a bunch of nutters in a shed.

  3. Marijn Rongen says:

    If this goes in the same direction as the one here in the Netherlands it should die before the cameras start rolling. The cast have regular contact with friends, family and viewers. They also make money from guests and order anything they need or want to be delivered. That’s not building a new society, or making progress to be self-sufficient, it’s just bad TV.