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Update: Nerdist Podcast Live in Northampton, MA RESCHEDULED For 11/8

Word has just come into Nerdist Industries Central that the Nerdist Podcast Live appearance in Northampton, Massachusetts has been rescheduled due to the dreaded “scheduling conflict.” (Google Calendar, guys! It’s free!) So, instead of Thursday, September 22nd at 7 pm Eastern, the show will be on Tuesday, November 8th at the Iron Horse Music Hall.

Tickets are still on sale, same $22.50 plus a $4 per ticket transaction fee in advance (total $26.50), $25 at the door (I still don’t know about fees for those) if there are any left. And you can CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS. Okay, everyone got this straight? November 8th, Northampton, Nerdist Podcast Live. The burritos will be even better when it’s a little chillier outside, right?

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  1. brandon says:

    Ahhh I am so excited for this!!

  2. Steve says:

    We can’t over hype bueno y sano1 I expect a full report afterwards. Enjoy your burrito!!!!!

  3. theetheethee says:

    …so that means you have plenty of time to line up mr. eugene mirman, notorious supporter of western mass, as a super awesome special guest, right?

  4. John W says:

    The IronHorse Website says that all previous ticket purchases will be honored.

  5. Matt says:

    I bought a ticket for the original show. Are those being transferred over?

  6. Jober says:

    Dammit! My wife is due on/around Halloween, guys. As in, due to have a baby. You guys will pause the podcast if we need to give it a bottle or something, right?


  7. Maura says:

    Darn. You guys were totally gonna be invited to my place afterward to watch the Community premier. Ah well.

  8. Aredubya says:

    All 3 of the guys making the trek? Northampton is lovely in the Fall.

  9. blah says:

    portland maine sometime would be cool

  10. Jess says:

    Does this mean you’ll have Jeph Jacques AND John Hodgman?

    *wishful thinking*