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Uh, Gillian Jacobs Might Star in a Judd Apatow Hulu Show? Yes Please (!!!)

Um, OK, this might be the start of something magical if it’s true and comes to pass. So hold onto your butts because according to Vulture, Judd Apatow is in talks to write, produce, and potentially direct a series for Hulu. And it’ll likely star Community‘s Gillian Jacobs if the multi-hyphenate has his druthers. Not to be hyperbolic or anything (ha, riiiight) but this sounds like it might be the best.

Love, as the pilot is tentatively called, is the co-written brainchild of Apatow, Girls/Brooklyn Nine-Nine writer Lesley Arfin, and actor/writerperson Paul Rust. With Rust slated to co-star alongside the still-in-talks Jacobs, the plot of Love is said to center around relationships of all sorts — including the sexy ones and probably in particular the awkward ones because this is Judd Apatow we’re talking about — and will be big on characters more than anything else. (No surprise given Jacobs’ general kooktasticness in the best way.)

But don’t get your hopes up quite yet, because right now it’s all just tentative. The fate of Love hinges on things like insider-y Hollywood business we know nothing about, and Jacobs’ connection with the previously mentioned, still-not-dead-but-lingering Dan Harmon show. If it gets the green light, though, the whole thing would be quite the coup for wee Hulu, who’s currently up against some serious original programming juggernauts over at Netflix and Amazon. Vulture also explained that, should Love get its due, the incredibly talented The Simpsons/The Office vet, Brent Forrester, may hop on as co-showrunner. Which would be extra-swell given Apatow and Forrester’s history on their old Fox series Undeclared.

Don’t lie: how many of you would watch the bajesus out of this? Raise your metaphorical hands in the comments.

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  1. gridsleep says:

    Ah, metaphorical, I see. Eh, metaphysical is more interesting.

  2. gridsleep says:

    I’m still trying to figure out WTF is Gillian Jacobs without going over to IMDB. Or Judd Apatow, for that matter. Or how this has any bearing on my life. Is that metaphysical enough?

  3. MstrFantastic says:

    Apatow has already stated this is false via his twitter

  4. Still holding out for Greendale