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UCB Presents: Controller FreaksUCB Presents: Controller Freaks

UCB Presents: CONTROLLER FREAKS – The Worst Thing I Ever Did in a Video Game

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done in a video game? If you’ve been into mainstream gaming, just how many virtual soldiers have you flayed, burned, decapitated, bludgeoned, or shot? How many robots have you ground to bits, how many Sims have you doomed to windowless, door-less cells where they would meet their full-bladder end?

The gang at Controller Freaks looks back at some of the gnarliest things they’ve been tasked with doing as gamers. Everything from “No Russian” to ripped out spines in Mortal Kombat, to the still controversial torture scene in Grand Theft Auto V, the Controller Freaks poke at some of the more uncomfortable moments in their gaming history.

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  1. Adam says:

    Civ is a classic example. Walking Dead has some tough choices but you kind of feel right in doing them because sometimes there’s no good option. Always Sometimes Monsters, or negligent homicide simulator – the game’s entire point is to prove we’re all awful sometimes.

  2. Dan Luedke says:

    Pretty much every single mission from Westin Phipps in City of Villains.

  3. CK says:

    Spec Ops: The Line. Those who have played it know what that game makes you do.

  4. Bonnie says:

    I think nothing compares to good old fashioned Civilization, where I nuked quite a few enemy cities. THEN built the anti-proliferation world wonder. I think someone has done it before…

  5. Petey says:

    Rockstar’s MANHUNT.  *shudder*

  6. lewdvig says:

    KOTOR poor, poor Mission

  7. However is the moron that said that videogames should not have a moral lesson should have his head examine.

  8. Tom says:

    Mass Effect 3, I shot Mordin, then Wrex. It was heart wrenching, my wife hit me for it.

  9. matt says:

    It’s not required in MW2 to “mow down” the airportful of civilians. The game lets you CHOOSE whether you want to do it or not – in those countries that have not banned the whole scene!

  10. Kris Kallas says:

    GTA 1, blowing up the police station with the bus full of explosives.

  11. Kris Kallas says:

    Fallout 3, Mr.Sandman perk, eliminating everyone but the vendors!

  12. KingMe says:

    Has to be in Skyrim. I was sneaking through a cave, and saw a vampire standing by a fire. I used a strong paralysis poison on an arrow, but my archery was very low, so the arrow didn’t kill her. She spent about a minute paralyzed, face down in a camp fire.

  13. GCD82 says:

    Red Dead Redemption. I pulled my horse over for this lady who was calling for help. Then a bunch of guys jumped me, so I killed them, caught her in a lasso, threw her onto my horse, rode to the nearest railroad track, placed her on said track, and waited for the train.

    I got an Achievement. I laughed.