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TV-Cap: STAR WARS REBELS Live-Action Connections, a MYTHBUSTERS 	Revival, and More

TV-Cap: STAR WARS REBELS Live-Action Connections, a MYTHBUSTERS Revival, and More

Another week has come to a close, and I have all the latest and greatest news in the world of television to cap it off. Jump on in to today’s TV-Cap to discuss theories on who might meet their end in The Walking Dead season finale, to learn about the search for the new hosts of MythBusters, and to read about how Star Wars Rebels will tie more closely to the live-action films with its next season.

More Rebellion. Season two of Star Wars Rebels just came to a close, and it’s hard not to think about what’s next. During an after show video for the Rebels season two finale, Lucasfilm story group creative executive Pablo Hidalgo said season three will show us more of the Rebel Alliance we know from A New Hope and the one taking shape in Rogue One. I hope this means some character crossover. [Nerdist]

All About Tone. We already know that Amazon is bringing back The Tick. But will they be tempted to go the dark and gritty route like so many other superhero stories? Would such a tone even work for The Tick? We have concerns but also some perspective about this possibility, and Jessica Chobot breaks it down on Nerdist News. [Nerdist]

A Different Suit? The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow has cast Patrick J. Adams (Suits) in a mysterious role for the season finale. He’ll be playing someone from the comics. Adams says it’s a “fun character the fans will love.” Who do you think it will be? [Entertainment Weekly]

A Retro Meeting. Ah. Remember the days of Clarissa Explains It All and Sabrina? With shows being revived and rebooted and re-other things all over the place, those two series are ripe for picking, and Melissa Joan Hart went to a meeting about just that topic. It’s only a meeting–remember a whole bunch of ducks would have to line up to even consider bringing back the shows, but hey, I’m happy to know there’s possibility. [Nerdist]

A Last Stand? The Walking Dead season six finale will air on AMC on Sunday, April 3, and it’s very possible/likely someone is going to bite it. But which character will it be? We have theories, and Chobot breaks down the Walking Deadpool in Nerdist News.

Say What? If the phrase “MythBusters revival” sounds weird to you, that’s because it should. The Discovery Channel series only recently ended its very long run. But hey, Science Channel (owned by Discovery) is already bringing it back. In a move that has me raising both my eyebrows, they’re launching a reality series called Search for the Next MythBusters to find new hosts for the revival. Huh. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Dollar Bills, Y’all. If you had to make a guess about what the most expensive television series to make is, which series would you pick? It’s possibly Game of Thrones. Entertainment Weekly reports each episode easily costs more than $10 million to create. No, I’m not kidding. Everything from location, to cast, to visual effects add up. Plus, you know, dragons. HBO must be richer than all of Westeros. [Nerdist]

Some Insight. The cast of The 100 stopped by WonderCon, and we had the opportunity to ask about the many challenges behind them and ahead of them. Read what Samantha learned from the cast as well as series showrunner Jason Rothenberg.

Stuck in the Past. Who’s ready to catch up on Thursday night television? We have recaps for you to enjoy for Legends of Tomorrow (Chronos revealed!), Vikings (Parisian fun!), and The 100 (more death!).

Who do you predict will die in the season six finale of The Walking Dead? Place your bets in the comments.


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