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TV-Cap: AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Extras, a GAME OF THRONES Win, Will Alison Brie Leave COMMUNITY?

Happy Wednesday, TV-Cappers! Your loyal author here, bringing all the news that’s fit to print from the small screen. As we ramp up into fall TV season, big-deal noteworthy nuggets are coming out of Hollywoodland — and even a few shocking rumors (we’re looking at YOU, Alison Brie). What else do you need to know about the day’s doings? LOOK NO FURTHER than here, my fine feathered folks. We’ve got you covered with today’s TV-Cap.


A BUNCH of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. goodies: Videos abound from the Blu-ray release of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season one, you guys. Look at ’em right here right MEOW:

Another Day, Another Simpsons Marathon: Man oh man does FXX want you to watch its channel all of the times. That — and this weekend’s upcoming Simpsons-themed show at the Hollywood Bowl — is the reason its hosting another, musically themed series of episodes of The Simpsons this weekend: [Nerdist]

Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night …Criminal?: I’m sorry but f–k Ted Cruz you guys. [Gawker]

Speaking of SNL: OUR DREAMS CAME TRUE AND EVERYTHING WAS BEAUTIFUL AND NOTHING HURT. Oh, right: Chris Pratt is hosting the season premiere of SNL: [Nerdist]

Also the third member of sketch group Good Neighbor, Nick Rutherford, is joining the SNL writing team. For those of you who don’t know, Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney, who joined the show last season, came out of this LA-based sketch group. [Splitsider]

Not-Bald Corey Stoll AND a Ginger Baby: The newest trailer for Showtime’s burn-it-to-the-ground fourth season of Homeland (meaning essentially consider this season a repilot of the series, you guys. Also no better time to start watching!) is here and it’s got a heck of a lot more Corey Stoll than we anticipated… AND that teeny lil ginger baby Brody. October 5th! October 5th! [Entertainment Weekly]
More Family Drama in Seattle: Man oh man that Meredith Grey sure has a melodramatic life, doesn’t she? Here’s a new photo from the show’s ELEVENTH season and oh my goodness I remember when it first premiered and oh golly we’re all so old. Anyway, this one’s for you, Brian Walton, Nerdist Editor-in-Chief and devout Grey’s Anatomy fan. WHOOPS just put you on blast on the Internet NBD: [Entertainment Weekly]

Kristen Johnston Comes Undone: This is some very exciting news as far as we’re concerned: the infinitely hilarious Kristen Johnston will be showing up for at least one episode of next season’s Modern Family. She’s going to play an emotionally unraveling lawyer which is our favorite kind of lawyer. Honestly, Kristen Johnston has become such an under-appreciated comedic talent. WHAT GIVES? If someone wanted to give me a television show I would totally cast her, just sayin’. [TVLine]

Game of Thrones Wins Big: I don’ think Ani Bundel lives in America so we’ll give her a pass on the “Americans don’t appreciate Game of Thrones” error (WE ARE NOT THE EMMY AWARDS! Also do you KNOW how many people watch this series in the U.S.? HEAPS), but we will give major ka-dooze to the TV Choice Awards for awarding it when we did not, dubbing the series the Best International Show. Wahooooo! [WinterIsComing]

Lena Dunham’s Dad has a Crush on Bryan Cranston: Don’t we all, Daddy Dunham? Don’t we ALL: [Vanity Fair]
A Tony Nominee Comes to Pan Land: Apparently it won’t just be Allison Williams playing all of the parts in NBC’s live action Peter Pan adaptation. Tony nominated actress Kelli O’Hara has been tapped to Mrs. Darling. [The Hollywood Reporter]

#SixSeasonsAndAnAnnie?: Fans of Community this morning were sent into a tizzy at the suggestion that their beloved Alison Brie might not be returning for the series’ sixth season on Yahoo! Screen. Fear not, wee ones, as the Harmon has spoken:


No More Nurse Jackie: After its upcoming seventh season, there will be no more Nurse Jackie. Because Showtime is ending the series. Goodbye, pill-popping nurse lady! [Deadline]

New Firefly Fan Film: Try and say that one five times fast, eh? EH?! [Nerdist]

So — who’s going to be tuning in for the new season of Community? Let us know in the comments.

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