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TRAILER: A Doctor Who Christmas Carol

Hot off the presses (of the Internet)!!! A little Doctor, a dash of Pond, some ghosty business and a well-cast Michael Gambon fresh off that wizard school movie. The annual Doctor Who Christmas special is now high atop my seasonal viewing calendar, right up there with Frosty, A Charlie Brown Christmas and A Pack of Gifts Now. Very. Much. Excited.

Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol premieres Saturday, December 25, 9:00 pm ET on BBC AMERICA.

All of your boring family obligations should be out of the way by then so kick them out, light a fire and nog it up with the Doctor!

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  1. Sara says:


  2. Lorena says:

    SQUEE! DVR is all set for 6pm! VCR all set to record to bring to the parentals since they don’t have cable! Finally we have Who on Christmas Day. What could be better?

  3. Amanda says:

    Is it Christmas yet?! Looks like a Who-filled Christmas for me! ;D (assuming my frequent and probably obnoxious requests for the series 5 DVD box set for Christmas are heeded, of course!) My family may not see much of me that day…

  4. Deltus says:

    GOD DAMN but they do that show up right! Best line is, of course the end: “The Ghost of Christmas Past…”

  5. Ryan says:


  6. Nathan says:

    I want to go to there.

  7. Wesley Marshall says:

    I can’t fucking wait. I’ve been dying to see new Who for what feels like forever. This episode looks to be very promising 😀

  8. Deanna says:

    Can’t wait! The whole family will be gathered ’round ye ole televison

  9. VonTardistein says:

    I’m with HumphL. It feels too long since the season ended. This will be the best christmas ever. (except for maybe the one where I got my first cure album. that’s kind of hard to beat.)

  10. HumphL says:

    Feels like it’s been forever since the last season. A Tardis-sized hole in my heart that needs to be filled.

  11. Annecoultersadamsapple says:

    I feel bad for people who read this blog and don’t watch doctor who. I’m sure they’re good people.

    Yeah I’m gonna watch it.

  12. Daniel S says:

    No one in my family will ever try watching Doctor Who, but I am going to hook them with this Christmas special, I can just feel it.

  13. Arwen says:

    MUST GET CABLE WITH BBCAMERICA for Christmas!!!!!!!!! or visit my sister that day!

  14. RavenaS says:

    Woohoo! We have a new tradition for Christmas, ladies and gents.

    1.) Erect the ol’ Christmas train garden. CHECK
    2) Roast the turkey/ham/beef. CHECK
    3) Light and decorate the tree. CHECK
    4) Sing lots of Christmas carols, off key as desired. CHECK
    5) Open the presents under the tree. CHECK
    6) Down lots of yummy holiday cookies and hot cups of cider, cocoa and egg nog with family. CHECK
    7) Curl up in front of the big screen TV and watch A Christmas Carol: Doctor Who style. HELL YES CHECK!

    Make sure you spread the word. BBC America, Christmas night, 9pm ET.

  15. Kala says:

    Sweet! I’m definitely watching this on Christmas! Religiously.

  16. Keifer says:

    I can not wait for Christmas now! im so excited. and its actually going to premiere on BBC America on christmas day? sweet!!!

  17. Staci says:


  18. Vonderosa says:

    Yay! Super excited. Not much else could make this Christmas any better.

  19. kerry says:

    kick ass. AND i spotted robot rory! who is way better than the doctor, IMO.

  20. Joe says:

    Brilliant! And I don’t have bit torrent it this time!

  21. The globalization of Doctor Who. FINALLY. Way excited for this!