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Episode 92: Thrilling Adventure Hour
Cactoid Jim, King of the…

Thrilling Adventure Hour #92: Cactoid Jim, King of the Martian Frontier!, “MurderMen”

Starring Nathan Fillion as Cactoid Jim. Also starring James Urbaniak, Annie Savage, Busy Philipps, and David Anders as Chickie Sullivan. Songs and narration performed by Reggie Watts with Sara Watkins and Sean Watkins. Recorded May 12, 2012.

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  1. Eileen says:

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  2. Amanda says:

    @Natalie – you’re definitely not.

  3. Murray says:

    @Natalie – you’re not.

  4. Natalie says:

    Please tell me I am not the only one who cried.

  5. Steph says:

    Red and Jim, the most heartbreaking love story :'(

  6. Jesse says:

    I must confess that I never had strong feelings one way or the other about Red and Jim until their beautiful duet in the musical episode. That won me over and got me genuinely invested in their love. Now I have literally shed tears over this tragic turn of events. Acker and Blacker are approaching a Joss Whedon-like level of emotion for me. I can think of no higher compliment.

  7. Murray says:

    This is one of my favourite podcasts out there! Me and my kid listen to it every week! She started out listening reluctantly… but then Sparks Nevada won her over. And now, she’s also a fan of Beyond Belief. It won’t be long before I have her loving Captain Laserbeam, too. Moi ha ha ha!
    As for this episode… we were both a little teary by the end. Poor Red. Poor Jim. How in the world are they gonna find their way back to one another again?

  8. Paul says:

    Why have I not listened to this before. I love everything about it.


  9. Jason says:

    Another scripted podcast worth checking out is Dreadtime Stories from Fangoria. There might be a lack of horror anthologies on TV, but this one helps scratch that itch. Plus, it has Malcolm McDowell as the host.

  10. Sue says:

    I found this podcast a few months ago and love it! I’m introducing it to as many people as I can. It’s important to remember the wide reach of the internet; I’m in Canada, and I’m sure there are many more international fans too.
    I think the success of their Kickstarter campaign is a good indication of their popularity 😉

  11. Jake says:

    Did anyone else hear that the narrator at the end was Norman Reedus?

  12. Alec says:

    Red has terrible luck in romance. 🙁

  13. Vincent S says:

    hehe, that was the other fictional podcast that I used to listen to (very small list). For some reason the format of the show (explanation at the front) kept on bugging me. I stayed until the start of the desert base arc. I dunno, might give it another try in the future.

  14. CollinS says:

    @vincentS If you are interested in scripted podcasts at all their is a great show called We’re Alive. It is an incredibly well produced show, at least after the first few episodes, that goes to places that I have never seen (or heard) before in zombie fiction. I implore you or anyone else to check it out.

    you can check it out at

  15. Vincent S says:


    The other question might be, “why aren’t podcasts more popular”? Then it changes to “Is an old style radio comedy play too niche as being a podcast?” Then again, it’s probably just suffers from limited a limited advertising budget. And its only been done in LA for the past couple of years, so there’s another limiting factor. Also, its not even being broadcast on the radio inside LA. It probably can’t reach that many people and the amount of people coming in from Nerdist Industries isn’t that huge (compared to the whole population of the US).

    Whatever the reason might be, I still think this is the best scripted podcast out there. Having tested a very small amount of fictional podcasts makes that opinion useless. hehe. Atleast they are moving this show on the road. It either started a while ago or some time in the future. That might get more listeners. I hope you enjoyed that tl;dr rambling.

  16. TAH is indeed popular, and deserves a widespread audience — and here, from Brian’s Pickstarter column this Sunday, is something from Acker and Blacker that you can support, a Thrilling Adventure Hour graphic novel:

    Also, Superego is on this week’s Walking the Room:

  17. collins says:

    Why is this not more popular. It is NATHAN FILLION in a space western that is well written in a similar, yet more comical ton to a joss show – see the sparks musical episode.

    This is on of the best podcast out there and its on the nerdist network and it has tons of hilarious guests, yet somehow people just don’t notice this or superego. If you see this comment and start listening to either one I will feel like I changed a life forever!