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Episode 114: Thrilling Adventure Hour
Beyond Belief, “Making…
Thrilling Adventure HourThrilling Adventure Hour

Thrilling Adventure Hour #114: Beyond Belief, “Making Spirits Fight”

Starring Paul F. Tompkins and Paget Brewster as those married mediums Frank and Sadie Doyle. Also starring Joshua Malina as Slapert Frowl; and Colin Hanks, Hal Lublin, and Emily Blunt as ghosts.

Recorded January 12, 2013.

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  1. Sheala says:

    Who was that boy at the end? So familiar but not credited?!

  2. Aubrey says:

    Did Adventurkateer Patrick die and become Christmas Future?

  3. Vox in Socks says:

    Every time I download one of these I say to myself “This is the one. This is it. I know. THIS is going to be the first bad episode of Beyond Belief. Finally!”

    But, alas!

    Sorry, I was distracted by that lass. What was I saying? Ah yes.

    I revel in the opportunity to sneer at inferior entertainment. I find booing blissful, hissing heavenly, and am the most jovial of jeerers. I only go to movies with the worst reviews. Not reviews that present a poor opinion of the movie, mind you, but rather reviews that are, themselves, poorly written so that I can troll the reviewer before I head to the theater.

    Which is why I am thoroughly disappointed at my lack of disappointment in Beyond Belief. Acker and Blacker are nauseating in their insistence on writing witty dialogue to go along with their disgustingly charming story. Paget Brewster and Paul F. Tompkins are irritatingly brilliant in their comedic timing and infuriating in their flawless fidelity to their characters. Listening to this show is like drinking hot cocoa in front of a fire on a cold winter day while getting a simultaneous back and foot massage and watching Jennifer Lawrence play with a kitten that’s riding on the back of a puppy which is, in turn, riding on the back of another kitten. Sickening. I hope you’re all very proud of yourselves. Pah!