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This Week on the Nerdist Podcast Network: Sleater-Kinney, EMPIRE, Simon Helberg, and More….

This Week on the Nerdist Podcast Network: Sleater-Kinney, EMPIRE, Simon Helberg, and More….

Okay, let’s see… Sleater-Kinney. The showrunner of Empire. The Big Bang Theory‘s Simon Helberg. Kevin and Steve making their Oscar picks. Scott Aukerman. Al Madrigal. UFOs, newlyweds, Spider-Man. That was some week we’ve had on the Nerdist Podcast Network, wasn’t it? Let’s review:

Sleater-Kinney is on Friday’s Nerdist Podcast. (If you’re reading this on Friday afternoon and the pod’s not ready yet, we’re having a production delay- I swear, they’re on and it IS coming. Patience will be rewarded in an awesome manner!) (UPDATE: Okay, it went up late, but it WENT UP. So go listen already.) I don’t think I need to say anything more, but I will, because I’m supposed to. Carrie Brownstein, Corin Tucker, and Janet Weiss were all on hand to talk about their new album, their hiatus, Carrie’s Portlandia success, Portland, and donuts. Oh, they talk a lot about donuts. And awards shows, the band’s position in the Riot Grrrl movement, punk in the age of branding, and how the hiatus has informed their songwriting. Needless to say, this one’s essential.

What’s the hottest show on TV? Empire fits that bill, being one of the rare shows that starts with big ratings and then actually grows each week thereafter. And showrunner Ilene Chaikin gave us an inside look at Empire on Nerdist Writers Panel. And that’s not all — she also created The L Word, so there’s a lot to talk about there, too. And she does, including the difference between creating a show and writing and producing to speak in another’s voice, working for Aaron Spelling, and how failing as an executive pushed her to become a writer.

Simon Helberg dropped by the Nerdist Podcast to talk to his old friends Chris and Jonah about his new movie We’ll Never Have Paris, the movie he wrote and co-directed with his wife and based on their own breakup and subsequent engagement. The movie was not easy to make, especially in a heat wave… and a blizzard. But there’s also talk about working at Mad TV and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and how he got from the latter to The Big Bang Theory, where you know and love him as Howard Wolowitz, who will not miss a chance to remind you that he’s been to space and you haven’t. (While you’re at it, watch the trailer for We’ll Never Have Paris.)

Kevin and Steve took a run at picking the winners on an Oscar-themed Chewin’ It, which also looked at Lemme’s history with teachers. They also have their reason for missing last week’s episode (hint: they’re very busy people who have important things to do and thus have less time for us “little people”) (Okay, that’s not exactly how they’d put it. But they WERE busy with a pretty huge project). Oh, and their Best Picture picks are subject to a bet, and the payoff is such that you would NOT want to be the loser.

Comedian, enterpreneur, podcast host, television personality… is there anything Scott Aukerman can’t do? One other thing he can do, and did, is return to the Nerdist Podcast for a chat about the process of making the TV version of Comedy Bang! Bang! for IFC, dealing with the press, writing jokes for the President’s appearance on Between Two Ferns, and his involvement with the Mr. Show reunion.

What else? This: You know him from The Daily Show and About a Boy, but after this week’s You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes, you’ll REALLY know Al Madrigal. Pete and Al discuss ambition and the joys of being fourth banana on a sitcom, the right way to break up, and tips on fighting.

Reuben Langdon and Jonny Loquasto returned for more UFO talk on Bizarre States.

Kurt and his lovely bride Lauren Cook kicked off the new feature “Wedlock” on this week’s edition of The K Ohle, looking at married life. Ah, newlyweds. I got 25 years on you guys; let’s talk then.

Abraham Reisman of New York Magazine and its returned to Comic Book Club to examine the recent news about Spider-Man being rejoined with the Marvel Universe.

Writer, filmmaker, and former video game tester Adam Dorsey visited The Indoor Kids. Adam talked about the titles he spent the most time on as a tester, and what he’s working on now, which you will want to hear about if you’re at all into video games, or movies, or games based on movies, or movies based on games.

Clarke and writer Raven Metzner dug into this week’s Sleepy Hollow episode “Awakening” on SleepyCast, and they added a little preview of what to expect from the Season Two finale next week.

Actress Rachel Skarsten joined Razzle and guest co-host Andy Haynes for the Cavalcade o’ Facts that is Today We Learned.

“Skepchick” Rebecca Watson took on religion on The JV Club.

Cashing In with T.J. Miller aired another helping of its worst bits, meaning its best. You know what I mean.

Kevin Allison (RISK!, The State) analyzed his sexual rut and ways to escape it on Sex Nerd Sandra.

And more, but you can find all of it by going to the Nerdist Podcast Network homepage to listen and subscribe, and also join us at the Nerdist Podcast Network Facebook page. Your weekend is now set.

Contributors: Chris Bower, Kyle Clark

Photo credit: Sub Pop/Fox (from the Bob’s Burgers video for “A New Wave,” and Tina Belcher is possibly the best character on TV.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Yeah!  I was hoping to hear from Sleater Kinney on this or on Jonah Raydio.  I was shocked he didn’t even mention their cd coming out on his second to last Jonah Raydio podcast.  They even mentioned Sleater Kinney in the conversation and not one word on his friends band releasing a cd.  🙂