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This Week on the Nerdist Podcast Network: SALEM’s Shane West, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jim Norton, and more…

This Week on the Nerdist Podcast Network: SALEM’s Shane West, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jim Norton, and more…

What? You’re asking what we had on the Nerdist Podcast Network this week? Sure, I can give you a little recap-in-brief. Why, among our many offerings, we had:

*Shane West talking Salem on the Nerdist Podcast. Shane’s playing John Alden in Salem on WGN America, but his background is in music, what with his parents both being in punk bands. He talked about that, about playing Darby Crash in What We Do Is Secret and ending up touring with the band, and plenty about Salem, with which Matt Mira has some familiarity (Lowell’s just a short ride away…).

*Joseph Gordon-Levitt returning to the Nerdist Podcast. The first time was one of our most popular episodes, and he does not disappoint this time around, talking about keeping his private life private, playing Edward Snowden and Philippe Petit (the latter for which he learned how to walk a tightrope), and the continued success of hitRECord.

*The incomparable Jim Norton back for another Nerdist Podcast (YES, I KNOW- it’s delayed. It will be posted sometime Saturday. Production delays. Sorry!). Jimmy wastes no time in addressing the Opie and Anthony situation and the hazards and rewards of saying what’s on your mind. There’s also talk about sexual addictions and chess. Separately.


*Ivan Askwith, the guy behind the Veronica Mars and Super Troopers 2 crowdfunding campaigns, on Chewin’ It with Kevin and Steve, offering insight on the new world of financing creative projects. It all started at MIT and a graduate thesis on Lost, and Ivan has some interesting perspectives on fan behavior and how the Internet has interacted with that. It’s not just about Veronica Mars and Reading Rainbow and, oh, yeah, Super Troopers 2, it’s also about the future of crowdfunding.

*Comic Nate Fernald, fresh off his Indoor Kids appearance, facing the challenge of Pete Holmes on You Made It Weird. Nate’s a clean-cut guy, and Pete gave him a little ribbing over that; there’s also Nate’s first “drug” experience (Tylenol PM), quoting Borat, college days, and his bad poetry double act.

*Actor Josh Vokey and guest co-host Adrianna DiLonardo on Clonecast, discussing the latest episode and all things Scott.

*Cash and T.J being Cash and T.J. but this time live in Raleigh on another Cashing In with T.J. Miller.

*Newlyweds Kurt and Lauren back for more advice-dishing on The K Ohle.

*Matt Nix, the creator of Burn Notice, back on Nerdist Writers Panel to discuss his new USA Network show Complications. Matt talked about the real-life drama — a break-in at his home — that led to the creation of the new show, and offered some advice for writers on staying attached to a long-running show (Burn Notice went seven seasons and 111 episodes!).

*Nick Ahrens joining Kumail and Emily on The Indoor Kids to preview E3 and all the rumors and realities flying around it. Nick gave insight on how to get apps approved by Apple and Google, the amazing and surely coincidental similarity some apps have to other games, the joys of Witcher 3, and what’s coming at E3.

*Part 2 of the Thrilling Adventure Hour April Fool’s edition with Paul F. Tompkins, John Hodgman, and a cast of thousands.

*Clare Grant and Razzle with fun facts ‘n’ stuff on Today We Learned.

*Jess and Bowser breaking down the documentary The Nightmare after a sojourn into sex territory on Bizarre States.

*Sparks Nevada, or, if we’re going with real-life identities, the incredibly talented Marc Evan Jackson, on another Boys of Summer edition of The JV Club.

*The Legacy Music Hour guys remixing the Nobuo Uematsu episode.

*Distractions leading to wisdom on Pro You.

*Two Comic Book Clubs, one from Special Edition NYC and another with Ben Kissel and Kenny Farmer.

So, that. You would be well-advised to visit the Nerdist Podcast Network home page and visit the Nerdist Podcast Network home page to keep apprised of all doings. Subscribe to all the podcasts, even. I’m told it’s quite fashionable.

Contributors: Kyle Clark, Maxwell James, Samuel Catalano
Photo Credit: WGN America

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