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Ben Folds Returns to The Nerdist Podcast, Janet Montgomery Talks SALEM, and The Indoor Kids Do E3

Ben Folds Returns to The Nerdist Podcast, Janet Montgomery Talks SALEM, and The Indoor Kids Do E3

This week on the Nerdist Podcast Network, Ben Folds came back, Salem‘s Janet Montgomery came in, some of the top writers in TV came clean, and the E3 news just kept on coming. To wit:

Ben Folds was here for his third appearance on the Nerdist Podcast (scheduled to post Friday afternoon; if it’s not ready by this posting, it’s coming very soon…), and while he couldn’t play any music because of a hand injury, it was plenty fascinating, as he discussed creating a piano concerto, using classical acoustic instruments to rock out, and the state of the music industry.

On this week’s hostful Nerdist Podcast — yes, we HAVE had more of these lately, which we like — Matt cooked and went to Vegas, food was debated, Inside Out and that Will Ferrell-Kristen Wiig Lifetime movie were reviewed, and the recent Nerdist Stand-Up Cluster was discussed, featuring Kyle.


And Salem star Janet Montgomery did the Nerdist Podcast to talk about coming from the U.K. to Hollywood, workaholism (is that a word? Spell-check thinks so…), and accents.

Meanwhile, a panel of huge names in the TV writing and producing business — Everybody Loves Raymond‘s Phil Rosenthal, Hannibal‘s Bryan Fuller, Fargo‘s Noah Hawley — sat down for a panel discussing the task of writing for a loyal core audience versus the mass of casual viewers on a Nerdist Writers Panel recorded at ATX in Austin.

Xbox+Hosts+Titanfall+Private+Preview+OLWbs2FllOFl[Image via Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images North America]

You knew they’d be at E3, and, sure enough, The Indoor Kids brought you coverage right from the floor of the show, with Kumail and his Silicon Valley co-star Thomas Middleditch in the middle of it.

Actor, comedian, rocker, Kripke-player John Ross Bowie was this week’s Boy of Summer on The JV Club.

Comic Ali Waller made it weird on You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes.

Ignorance Equation Radio‘s Nick Katsouros visited the Comic Book Club, and Archie Meets Predator was discussed. Also, the new Spider-Man, Tom Holland, was scrutinized.

Babs Tarr (Batgirl), Brenden Fletcher (Batgirl, Gotham Academy, and Black Canary), Tim Seeley (Grayson), and Genevieve Valentine (Catwoman) talked about writing the young versions of your DC favorites on a Young Gotham edition of Nerdist Comics Panel from C2E2.

For the last Orphan Black recap of the season, Donnie Hendrix… er, the actor who plays him, Kristian Bruun, talked about that twerking scene on Clonecast. Don’t fret, the Clonecast will continue in the off-season with monthly goodness.

The Walking Dead‘s Josh McDermitt reviewed the week in entertainment and more with Cole and Vanessa on Pop My Culture.

Henry Phillips came back to the showroom for another appearance on The Todd Glass Show.

Oscar Dietz, the 14-year-old star of Denmark’s Antboy movies, talked to Gil about his experiences on The Mutant Season.

Kevin and Steve debated the best and worst villains on Chewin’ It.

Bowser and Jess brought you more tales of the weird on Bizarre States.

Sparks Nevada rode the Red Range again on Thrilling Adventure Hour.

Matt Braunger talked about his special on Netflix and a lot more on Ding-Donger.

Once upon a time, they eschewed 8-bit for a week and did an episode of music from later-generation video games. This week, the Legacy Music Hour Mixtape remixed that one.

The Pro You Podcast helped you get fit in body and mind with the help of a special email.

And comedian Rob Fee traded facts with Razzle on Today We Learned.

Wanna hear ’em all? Go to the Nerdist Podcast Network homepage for a convenient mosaic of good things, and please Like the Nerdist Podcast Network Facebook page, where you’ll get the word about new episodes fast. Which you should. Thanks!

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