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This Week at NerdMelt Showroom: Horrible Movie Night, Genre Smash, No Pun Intendo, and more!

NerdMelt Showroom

COMEDY! COMEDY! COMEDY! Another week, another awesome set of shows going down at NerdMelt Showroom at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles. Awesome sketch-comedy show with puppets? Uh, check! Free popcorn at Horrible Movie Night? Yup! Amazing writers from TV and film? Yes and yes! So. Much. More? You better believe it!! Check it out. Come to one. Come to all. You deserve it.

January 18th at 2pm it’s Puppet Town!

A sketch comedy show for kids…with puppets! Created by Alex Fox and Rachel Lewis. With guest host Parvesh Cheena (Sean Saves the World – NBC, Outsourced – NBC).

LA’s favorite family friendly show is back! Puppets! Music! Sketch Comedy! Fun! With a cast of comedians from iO, Second City, Groundlings, and UCB, along with puppeteers from Broadway’s Avenue Q – it’s never ending fun in Puppet Town!

Puppet Mastery by Christian Anderson and Puppet Design by Derek Lux (Ovation Award Winners; Puppet Design – Shrek the Musical). Directed by Megan Grano (Jim Belushi and the Chicago Board of Comedy, former staff writer – Jimmy Kimmel Live).

$8 in advance, $10 at the door, and free for kids under 12.

January 18th at 9pm it’s Horrible Movie Night!

Shout at the movies! We screen the worst films you’ve never seen, and invite YOU to roast them — the best one-liners of the night will win prizes. If you like MST3K and RiffTrax, this is your scene!

Your hosts for the evening, John Mathot (Disney’s Phineas & Ferb) and Susan Wright (The Because Show podcast) will present 1990’s Repo Jake! It’s got Grizzly Adams — er, Dan Haggerty, as an ex-Marine looking to restart his life in L.A. as a repo man. He gets mixed up with angry deadbeat car owners, crime lords, the porn industry, and demolition derby! It’s a helluva way to start off 2014.

As always, there’ll be comedy from Daniel Van Kirk (DVK on Nerdist Channel, Sklarbro Country podcast) and Whitmer Thomas (Power Violence), and also FREE POPCORN!  Repossess a ride on down to the theater!

$8 in advance, $10 at the door.

January 19th at 5pm it’s Nerdist Writer’s Panel!

Nerdist Writers Panel NerdMelt Showroom

The Nerdist Writers Panel series is an informal chat moderated by Ben Blacker (co-creator of The Thrilling Adventure Hour; writer for Supah Ninjas, Supernatural, among others) with professional writers about the process and business of writing. Covering TV, film, comic books, music, novels, and any other kind of writing about which you care to hear.

January 19, join Ben for an evening with Bryan Fuller (creator of Hannibal, Pushing Daisies, Wonderfalls, and Dead Like Me). Join the prolific and imaginative writer/producer — who has also worked on Star Trek: Voyager, Heroes, and more — in conversation about his process, navigating the business, and lots more.

The line-up is subject to change. And as always, proceeds from the live panels benefit 826LA, the national non-profit tutoring program.


January 19th at 8pm it’s Harmontown!

What is Harmontown? It’s awesome. It’s unique. It’s one of a kind. It’s something only Dan Harmon (creator of Community and Rick and Morty) and Jeff B. Davis (Whose Line is it Anyway) can do. It’s a different show every time and it’s every week. Lucky us! Playing Dungeons and Dragons? It’s happened. Dan Harmon freestyle rapping? Yup, that too. Calling Chevy Chase from stage? Happened…more than once. A celebrity guest? Allison Brie, Donald Glover, and Gillian Jacobs among others have all stopped in. Getting super personal with an intimate audience? Always. It’s Harmontown. It’s awesome. It’s unique. Don’t miss a single week. Subscribe to Harmontown on iTunes today!


January 20th at 7pm it’s Nerdist Open Mic!

nerdmeltopenmic NerdMelt Showroom

Come watch Kyle Clark and John Ungaro host this comedy free-for-all. You’ll see brand new comics, comics you know and love trying out new material, and the magic that is live comedy.


January 21st at 7pm it’s Writer’s Guild Foundation presents Genre Smash!

You liked Buffy The Vampire Slayer, right? And its spin-off Angel? And you like Mad Men? And Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy and Glee and Brothers and Sisters and the supercool Fright Night remake? Well, Marti Noxon wrote all of that stuff!

She’ll be the third guest in our monthly Genre Smash! series And yeah, she’ll be chatting about vampire stuff, but also on how to write the complex relationship between Don and Peggy, and how to achieve quality drama on a network platform like the writers of Brothers and Sisters did. You know: geek stuff.


January 21st at 9pm it’s Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction!

Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction is a comedy show and Nerdist podcast founded in Seattle, created & hosted by Bryan Cook. Each event features 10 comics, writing and performing Erotic Fan Fiction pieces, based on their whims or audience suggestions. It’s really stupid.

January 21, catch: Mick BettancourtMike BurnsJC CoccoliMary MackRon BabcockJames FritzBrandon VaughnJesse CaseRyan Conner, and Giulia Rozzi.

$8 in advance, $10 at the door.

January 22nd at 8:30pm it’s The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail!

Meltdown NerdMelt Showroom

Jonah Ray and Kumail Nanjiani helm the good ship Meltdown every single Wednesday, to host the show that’s been named one of the best live shows in LA by LA Weekly, Splitsider, and more. At The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail, you’ll see some of the biggest comics, up and coming acts just before they get famous, and as always, surprise drop-ins that will knock your socks off.


January 23rd at 7:15 it’s SRSLY LOL presents SRSLY God?!

SRSLY LOL’s H. Alan Scott and Bryan Wilson are back in the Nerdmelt Showroom at Meltdown Comics with SRSLY God?

After getting cancer, H. Alan felt inspired to do something he’s been wanting to do ever since he was baptized Mormon – convert to Judaism. Bryan, a not very religious Angeleno, is along for the ride, even though he’s pretty sure God is just a thing Joan Osborne made up. From what they think heaven is like to the secret world of growing up Mormon, H. Alan and Bryan try to figure out what it all means through comedy, music, sketches and find an answer to the question so often asked, “SRSLY God?”

Special guests include Louis Peitzman (Senior Editor at Buzzfeed), Sara Benincasa (Author of Agorafabulous!), Jake Fogelnest (Fogelnest Files Podcast, all around brilliance), and Drew Droege (Chloe, Out, more brilliance)!

$8 in advance, $10 at the door.

January 23rd at 9pm it’s RISK! Storytelling!

RISK! is the show where people tell true stories they never thought they’d dare to share in public. Stories they’d normally only tell to close friends. At the RISK! live shows, the brightest stars of TV, film and literature drop their usual act and show a side of themselves you’ve never seen before.

This month’s theme is “FREAKY” with stories from Brian FinkelsteinGeorgia HardstarkJohn FlynnLiz Stewart, and Brandy Barber!

Hosted by Sara Benincasa (Agorafabulous!, the upcoming Great) & Beowulf Jones (LA RIOT Festival,

$8 in advance, $10 at the door.

January 24th at 7:30pm it’s The Friday Forty!

Scott Gimple and Dave Holmes host this current-affairs sketch-comedy quiz show where the performers get a little liquid courage to help them answer 40 questions about the events of the last 7 days! With special guest Paul Scheer and Alison Haislip!

$8 in advance, $10 at the door.

January 24th at 9pm – No Pun Intendo!

Gifted at gaming? Not gifted at gaming? Who cares? No Pun Intendo is back! We’re Nerdist Showroom’s first video game competition, and if you’re there, you’re eligible to play.

Produced and hosted by Ron Funches, David Cope, and Bette Bentley. Audience teams will be formed and battles will be fought featuring games like Soul Calibur, Super Smash Bros., and more. Special comedian guests and grand prizes await so start practicing and we’ll see you on Jan 24th at 9pm! Featuring special guests Josh Fadem, Andy Peters, and more!


Thank you all so much for your continued support of the showroom. Follow us on Twitter and track us on our blog for more info about any of these shows!

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