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This S*** is Bananas, Y’all.


FACT: If you scratch up bananas, they darken.

OTHER FACT: If you scratch bananas in a certain pattern, they will darken into a picture, and you have essentially drawn on a banana.

YET ANOTHER FACT: I have a friend who told me one time that her family made bastard scratched up banana drawings and put them in each other’s stockings for Christmas. I think that must be what people do who live in sad places like Nebraska where nothing exists. (sorry if you live in Nebraska)

LAST FACT: Blogger Riss has made a series of Doctor Who banana drawings, which are awesome, and which I would be more than happy to receive in my stocking no matter where I live.

Go see her other fruit etchings at her awesome blog.

Mmmm…The Doctor can bring his banana to my party any time.

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  1. stephen says:

    ok now im going to go and draw on all the bananas at the store!

  2. alex says:

    Is this in reference to the “comic relief sketch? Matt Smith: “imagine a banana or anything curved … “

  3. Nate Morrissey says:

    Hey, come on guys. Pick on a Dakota.

    Beatrice, Nebraska

  4. Brian says:

    Just look at this Dr Who banana. Just look at it.

    Oops, wrong blog.

  5. Watts says:

    And (to me, anyway) the most awesome fact of all about bananas is that they produce antimatter!

  6. Tom Steele says:

    I am also sorry if you live in Nebraska.
    Signed Person living in Oklahoma. Oh, wait.

  7. Rebecca says:

    What is it with the doctor and bananas?? LOL. This is awesome.

  8. Lokey says:

    That is the sexiest damn banana evar!