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This MASTERS OF SEX Season 2 Trailer Will Convince You to Tune In

Alright, so: there’s likely more than a few of you out there that have yet to experience the glory that is Showtime’s brilliant drama, Masters of Sex. And while our kneejerk reaction is to chastise you for missing some of the best television out there, allow us to, instead, implore you to binge-watch Season 1 before the second one premieres this summer. Because by the looks of the Season 2 trailer, things are about to get increasingly complicated for our pioneering sex researchers with the most unconventional and complicated of relationships. If my words of obsessive encouragement don’t convince you, then perhaps checking out what’s in store for the Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan-fronted series will arouse your curiosity.

You see, Masters of Sex is based on the very true and very curious story of the sex researchers whose work ultimately ushered in the sexual revolution of the 1960s. So you have a lot for which to thank them. Williams Masters (Sheen) and his assistant Virginia Johnson (Caplan) boldly envisioned a world wherein the science behind sex was not only demystified, but brought out into the open in order to better understand and normalize the human body and the way it works during the art of sexy-time-having, in turn making the perma-mysterious act of gettin’ it on way less confounding (they were doing this work in the ’50s, after all).

Its got a brilliant cast — including Allison Janney, Beau Bridges, and new this year: Breaking Bad‘s Betsy Brandt and the always hilarious Sarah Silverman — and truly interesting source material to work from. Masters and Johnson faced incredible hurdles and used wildly unconventional methodology to get to the bottom of human sexual response and yes, their working relationship was just as curious, unconventional and — surprise, surprise — fairly melodramatic given what they do day in and day out. We don’t want to ruin it for you — their dynamic and complicated relationship is one of the show’s greatest triumphs — but bet us just say this: if you think Masters and Johnson’s arrangement sounds strange… you have no idea what you’re in for next.

But check out the trailer for season two in the interim — hopefully that will convince you to check out the series when it returns July 13th at 10PM on Showtime.

Do you watch Masters of Sex? Let us hear about it in the comments.

HT: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Nainika says:

    One of the best-written, intriguing, and well-executed shows I have ever come across. Cannot wait for season 2!

  2. Bert says:

    It seems more like a soap opera than a serious study of sex!

  3. Bri says:

    Love Masters of Sex! Its a great show. After watching this trailer I’m definitely looking forward to this next season!