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This COMMUNITY Movie Reference Super-Cut is Absolutely Bangarang

Everyone knows that NBC’s Community is chockablock with pop culture references. In fact, at times it’s often dizzying to try and place them all — particularly with Dan Harmon‘s fondness for films that are as obscure as the others are notable. Luckily there are intrepid fans like Anne Thomas, whose knowledge, know-how, and ambition to capture most (though, no, not all: she missed Robocop and yeah, she’s annoyed about it so no need to pester her) of the series’ myriad referential bits.

Among what’s included, though, lies many a gem. From Hook to Rambo to Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, and even Leon: The Professional, you’re sure to have a chuckle or two at this impressive list. Understand why we need six seasons and a movie now, NBC?! It’s time to get your renew on.

The film is password protected but that is of no concern to you, because we’ve got that passwoed right here for you: movietime. So plug it in (plug it in!) and enjoy 3 hilarious minutes of perfect Harmon-y.


Can you name any other movie references the show has done in the past? Let’s compile a list in the comments!

HT: Vulture



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  1. frostbr says:

    Warriors homage in modern warfare. “Study Group come out and playaaaa!”

  2. Sleepyhead says:

    The closeup of shoes running down the hall was definitely “The Right Stuff”, not “Apollo 13”.

  3. person says:

    Also, evil Abed wearing a beard is a reference to Star Trek’s “Mirror Spock” or evil twin trope.

  4. Jasmine says:

    I feel like the paintball episode where Chang sets off the paint bomb is reminiscent of the end of the Predator.

  5. Person says:

    I thought the most obvious one was Doctor Who from Inspector Spacetime but it was missing!

  6. Matt says:

    In Modern Warfare, there seems to be a small reference to the Wheelers from “Return to Oz” when the roller skaters attack the study group in the cafeteria.

  7. bdoserror says:

    In with the Die Hard, the scene with Chang in the suit is also a reference to either Hard Boiled or Killer (I never remember which one).

  8. andrew h says:

    not seen the DVDs so I don’t know if there is closed captions option for an homage-o-meter as they did with Spaced in the UK or the trivia one that was on 24 Hour Party People.

  9. Rachel says:

    I’m fairly sure the hero walk out to the parking lot in “Basic Rocket Science” is from The Right Stuff.

  10. Steve D says:

    Wasn’t the chicken fingers episode referencing A Bronx Tail? Been a long time since I’ve watched that movie, but for some reason thats what I thought it was, probably because of the Voice Over.