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This Chicken Riding a Roomba is Cooler Than Everyone You Know

Think about the most relaxing moment of your life, about how calm you were, how at peace you felt. Now watch this video of a chicken stoically riding around on a Roomba and ask yourself if you have ever truly reached the apex of chill.

No, you haven’t. I mean, look at this chicken. Look at him ride that Roomba. He could not be anymore content with life at that moment.

What’s even more amazing is that he apparently turned the Roomba on by himself. Here’s the story according to James’ owner (yes, the chicken’s name is James).

I’m in the laundry and I hear the robot vacuum cleaner going, which I found confusing as I was home alone! This is what I found!!!! Hahaha my life is a circus! Casually having a ride!

Casual indeed. Turning on the machine is pretty impressive for a chicken (suspiciously impressive even, we should keep an eye on the chickens from now on), but doing so for the express purpose of taking it for a ride is next level.

If you are wondering what the chicken was doing in the house in the first place, apparently the chickens sometimes sneak in through a slightly opened door, or via the doggy door, only to be quickly shooed back outside. Except this time.

Good for the owner, and good for the chicken. James gets some time to stop worrying about the heavy burdens of bird life, and the floor gets clean. That’s a win-win.

Oh, and if you’re wondering if these chickens have ever done anything like this before, here’s a photo from the owner from another time she found one in her house.


Okay, we should definitely keep an eye out for the chickens now. They know too much about our ways.

What’s the funnies thing you’ve ever seen an animal do? Tell us in the comments.

Images: My Three Boys and I

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