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This Cheeseburger Cake is a Sweet Mind Trick

Yolanda Gampp from How to Cake It is at it again. We were astounded by her giant plate of Nachos Cake and now she’s back with more savory mind tricks as she creates a Cheeseburger Cake!

For this tutorial How to Cake It partnered with Wilton and used their baking supplies and decorations to create the smooth fondant looks and colors. Watching this cake being built is mesmerizing, it starts off as a 2-pound cake for the bottom bun and one pound of cake for the top bun. Yes, that’s three full pounds of cake in just buns alone. Don’t want none unless you’ve got buns, hun.

Patties are made from chocolate, marshmallows and rice cereal and look exactly like juicy, meaty burgers. Painted gum paste become leaves of lettuce and meticulously hand cut onions. Toppings include fondant tomatoes, frosting mustard and candy relish.

Cheeseburger Cake blowtorch-11252015

I’m saying it: Yolanda Gampp is the Queen of Cheese. Just like on her Nachos Cake, her trick of using of orange modeling chocolate melted with a blowtorch which makes the faux-cheese super realistic. Now that’s a cheesey cheeseburger.

The top of the bun-cakes are covered with sesame seeds that are actually hand-formed pieces of gum paste. Hand. Formed. Gampp jokes that you should make 2000 of them but that number seems right on because the more sesame seeds, the more realistic this burger cake becomes.

You can’t have a burger without french fries, it’s the law. So a side of sugar cookie fries it is! And be sure to check out the full Cheeseburger Cake tutorial on the How To Cake It youtube channel.

Do you love cheeseburgers so much you’d eat a burger cake? Let us know in the comments!

Images: How To Cake It

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