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These Medieval LEGO Sets Reveal an Enchanting World

These Medieval LEGO Sets Reveal an Enchanting World

If you have LEGO bricks, imagination, and patience, you have endless possibilities ahead of you. I enjoy putting together LEGO sets from instructions because there’s a peacefulness to clicking bricks together that melts stress away, but maybe I need to set aside the rules and go free-form. Then, maybe one day with practice, I can make lovely LEGO creations like these medieval style buildings by David Hensel, a/k/a Legonardo Davidy. He’s designed and crafted a series of homes and workshops, and all of them look as though they’re right out of a fairy tale. They’re infinitely more appealing than the medieval LEGO sets I’ve seen on store shelves.


Finbar the Fantastical Firework-maker’s home

Hensel’s inspirations seem to be a mixture of Lord of the Rings, fairy tales, and stories from Camelot. Whatever this world is, I want to go there. Immediately. I want to tour all of these fantastical homes and meet their residents. Because yes, he’s created characters and backstories for all of his sets. The one pictured above? That abode belongs to Finbar the Fantastical Firework-maker. He uses magic to make fireworks and to sell some fancy explosive powder on the black market.


Baba Yaga’s house

Aside from sheer beauty, the structure of Hensel’s LEGO sets grabbed my attention. There’s a sort of haphazard vibe about them that makes the buildings look more rustic and cozy. I’m not sure if he used sorcery to snap hundreds of LEGO studs together or if glue is the key to achieving the appearance, but whatever the technique, it adds a lot to his designs.

Take a look through the gallery to see more of Hensel’s work:

I’d like to kick Finbar the Fantastical Firework-maker out of his house and move in, please. Which of these LEGO abodes would you like to call home? Let us know in the comments.

HT: Kotaku

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  1. comer says:

    The Blacksmiths Shop.

  2. Jenny G. says:

    Wow, these are amazing! Hard to chose a favorite but will go with the blacksmith shop. I love Legos in all their infinite varieties. 

  3. Kyle says:

    These are MOCs not Sets.

  4. Eric Druon says:

    Legonardo is a great builder and Baba Yaga’s house is my favourite. I don’t I would like to live there but the technics used are incredibly awesome 😉

  5. Meme says:

    That’s great, Amy but where do I buy it!