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These 4 New ORPHAN BLACK Posters Are an Optical Illusion… With Allusions

These 4 New ORPHAN BLACK Posters Are an Optical Illusion… With Allusions

April 19th is now officially less than a month away, Clone Club. And with anticipation for BBC America’s Orphan Black at an all-time high, there’s likely to be a lot of fun reveals in the coming weeks. Like these four new posters featuring the main Tatiana Maslany-fronted characters as they currently stand: Sarah Manning, Rachel Duncan, Alison Hendrix, and Cosima Niehaus. The clones are coming, the clones are coming!

Playing off the idea that these genetic identicals are still “one of a kind” — something we also saw alluded to in the trailer — the optical illusion-laced posters position that phrase in a different way, turning up the tension they all face. Oh sure, they’re one, alright — but just one. Of a certain kind (the science experiment kind). Check ’em out below!

Looking forward to season two of Orphan Black (we’ve seen the first 4 episodes, so trust us when we say: YOU REALLY SHOULD BE)? Let us know in the comments!

Images: BBC America


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  1. Jock Tamsom says:

    The illusion works best for “Sarah” and “Cosima” I find.
    Look at the eye and her face is partially obscured and looking at you.

    Now squint and look at the mouth and she is looking to the right.

    Now drink 3 glasses of scotch and close one eye and it is a duck.

  2. Jim Davis says:

    Of course these are optical illusions – they’re completely concurrent with classic examples of optical illusion such as the “faces or vase”, “hag or young lady” and “duck or rabbit”.

    These are “profile or full face” and they’re pretty damn slick if you ask me. The illusion works best around the mouth or nose, but it’s still effective at making it unclear what, exactly, you’re looking at.

    More importantly they excellently portray the feeling of the show – and that’s all they have to do.

  3. justian says:

    Those are not optical illusions and if by a technicality they actually are. Well then, they are some of the worst optical illusions which I might call Optical Delusions.

  4. Joshua says:

    They seem like optical illusions to me. The way the un-blackened side is the profile of Tatiana and the features of each character line up with the features of the profile (forehead, nose, mouth) look pretty cool.

  5. slone13 says:

    I don’t believe these are actually optical illusions. They’re interesting images but none of them fit the actual definition of what an optical illusion is.