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There’s a GAME OF THRONES Parody Album and it Involves Rapping Tyrion Lannister

Considering how deadly serious the drama on HBO’s Game of Thrones is, we’re honestly surprised this hasn’t happened sooner. But the time for a musical parody album of the Westerosi doings is upon us, thanks to the Sons of Mim — and they’ve released its first single, a Tyrion Lannister rapped tome, “Lannista’s Paradise.” And, yes, it does feature a rapping Half Man regaling us with the woes facing the Realm thanks to those debt-paying lions of Casterly Rock.

Because Tyrion Lannister is a realist — and THE realest Lannister, if we’re being, well, real — knowing all-too-well that maybe his family’s time in the Red Keep hasn’t always benefitted many folks (even himself). In this take on the Coolio tune, Tyrion laments about his family’s power-hungry ways, but theirs isn’t the only story being told through song. Other tracks on the Shame of Tones album include “Arya Gonna Make Them Pay,” “Total Eclipse Of House Stark,” and even a no-doubt peppy number titled “Red Wedding.” (Maybe that one could be the unofficial theme song of the fantasy fantasy league?)

The album comes out — no surprise here — on April Fools’ Day. What do you think of the track?

HT: Huffington Post

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  1. Tamagura says:

    This is brilliant1 Cannot believe it has taken so long for me to stumble across it.

  2. j r frauenglass says:

    hope they stay away from coolio he wasn’t fond of the last parody of GP

  3. Katherine says:

    Hahaha this is just the best!

  4. Iceshark says:

    This is brilliant!