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There are 70 Ways to Say ‘Hodor’ on GAME OF THRONES and Here They Are

The giant with a heart of gold (and a back made of steel), Hodor, is a fan favorite on Game of Thrones, even with his limited vocabulary and bouts of terrified franticism. The loyal servant of House Stark has been traipsing around the North with Bran, Rickon, and the siblings Reed for the past season of the series, and seems — at least for now! — free from the possibility of death.

It’s likely that George R.R. Martin has saved the meek but mighty man because, as the actor who plays Hodor (Kristian Nairn) puts it, “he might be the only gentle soul in all of Westeros.” In an interview with Vulture he revealed that he actually has “about 70 different ways” of saying his one and only line on the HBO show. Which is, well, sort of a lot! But when you think about it — and all the emotions Hodor conveys with his simple utterance, it’s easy to see how many ways it can be uttered. Hodor! So, considering we’re never afraid to be service-y, we decided, oh heck — let’s put together a totally factual and not-at-all just made up on the spot list* of the 70 ways to say Hodor.

So without further ado…

The Complete Hodor Dictionary

1. Hodor.
2. Hodor…
3. Hodor?
4. Ho…dor.
5. Hodor!
6. HoDOR.
7. Hodor
8. Hoooodooooor
9. HodOooOOooOOr
10. HOOO…dor?
11. Hodor!
13. Hhhhodor
14. Hodorrr?
15. Hodorrr
16. Ho-doooor!
17. Hodorrr.
18. HODOR!
19. hodor
20. Ho-o-o-odor…
21. Hodddddddddddor!
22. hhhhhhhodor.
24. Hodor?!
25. H…odor.
26. Hodor?
28. Hodor!
29. H…odor!
30. Ho-o-o-odor?!
31. HoDOR…
33. Hodor?!
34. Hodo…r
35. hodor-or-or-or-or?
36. Ho-o-o-odor.
37. HO!dor.
38. H…odor?
41. Hodor?
42. hodor-or-or-or-or!
43. HoDOR?
44. …HODOR?!
45. HodOooOOooOOr?
46. ¡HODOR!
48. hodor-or-or-or-or.
49. Hodor!
50. HooOOOodor!
52. Hooodoooooor.
53. Hodor…
54. Ho-o-o-odor?
55. …Hodor?
57. Hodor?!?!?!?!
58. Hhhhhhhhhodor?
59. Hodor…?
61. HoDOR!
62. HO!dor?
63. H…odor?!
64. ¿Hodor?
65. …Hodor.
66. Hodor.
67. Ho-o-o-odor!
68. Hodor.
69. Hhhhhhhhhodor!
70. Hodor

* This was a just made up on the spot list.

Can you think of any other ways to say Hodor? Let’s hear ’em in the comments. (And don’t forget to get involved with the fantasy fantasy league!)

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  1. Alicia Lutes says:

    @mobilediesel You are forgiven. 😉

  2. Timmah! says:





  3. mobilediesel says:

    Of course, in pointing out your minor mistake, I made a minor mistake. Should have typed “it’s” instead of “it”.

  4. Alicia Lutes says:

    @mobilediesel — no, no: thanks for pointing it out! Trust: I hate mistakes as much as the next person.

  5. Matt Yates says:

    Thought about this before in the past as a way to add some comedy to show. Glad you brought it up. Here are a few

    If he develops a stutter — Hohodor

    If Westeros celebrated with a Christmas episode — Hohohodor

  6. mobilediesel says:

    Hate to be *that guy* but it “without further ado”, not “without further adieu. “Adieu” is French for “goodbye.”

  7. he who murdered smartas says:

    You are next.

  8. zoe says:

    hodor (calmly after being scared in the tower at the end of season 3 after bran wargs and calms him down)