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The Wachowskis Get Even Crazier with the First JUPITER ASCENDING Trailer

The first trailer is here for Andy and Lana Wachowski’s new sci-fi space opera Jupiter Ascending, and it looks BIG. There are so many ideas at play here that it’s tough to even grasp what this movie could be — other than REALLY, REALLY COOL.

There’s Channing Tatum in goofy makeup and Spock ears, Mila Kunis falling off of stuff, a giant flying monkey-thing throwing a guy through a building, laser shields, Channing Tatum firing two guns whilst jumping through the air, Sean Bean (so doomed), spaceships, space queens, and just when you think you’ve seen it all — cyborgs!

The world-building here looks insane, and so does the action – but we wouldn’t expect anything else from the Wachowskis. Jupiter Ascending comes out July 25th, 2014.


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  1. Sakshi says:

    most important to me, dteluctering clears my mind and lets me breathe.about your resolution, just talk to your ameh joon and problem solved, easy peasy lemon squeezy.

  2. Marcel says:

    I have never heard of anyone who loves LeVar Burton like you anperaptly do. Don’t get me wrong. I rocked so Reading Rainbow but that’s hilarious.I was also one of those stupid girls who thought Renee Zellweger was kind of big in that movie. I wish I could go back and slap myself.Btw, did that girl at your work SERIOUSLY not know what Roots was?

  3. Stormy says:

    Whoever wrote this, you know how to make a good aricelt.

  4. Patrick says:

    I wonder if Sean Bean will make it passed the first hour! Maybe it will have a twist where he stays alive 🙂

  5. comistra says:

    I’ll wait for the official Saga adaptation instead.

  6. Aaronofthe says:

    “Channing Tatum firing two guns whilst jumping through the air”
    Is that a Hot Fuzz reference?

  7. Bongo says:

    If I get to the end of this and the Architect is there…..

  8. Kris says:

    trailer makes it look great, like an alien jason bourne in space?

  9. JP says:

    Sean Bean (So Doomed). LOL! So true.

  10. Gregorso says:

    Come for the Mila Kunis. Stay for the flying monkeys.

  11. Doug says:

    The Wachowskis deserve All The Money! I love them.