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Episode 94: The Todd Glass Show
Family Show
The Todd Glass ShowThe Todd Glass Show

The Todd Glass Show #94: Family Show

It’s just Chris and Eric, or Eric, on this week’s show! Join in on the family fun!

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  1. DanWon says:

    I FOUND IT!!!!!!

    It’s some woman who blogs a lot, not a housewife from the 50s.

  2. LukasKetner says:

    Anyone have any luck finding the video? It’s seriously driving me crazy.

    I want. For myself. Not to share. That video of the lady ordering food.

    (I’ll share)

  3. Wesley Marshall says:

    I was there, he wasn’t playing the video. Just the audio. He said he saw the video a while back, but couldn’t find the video.

  4. Dan W says:

    Richmond, SAME! I want to see this video, I couldn’t even enjoy the bit because I was so confused as to the context of the original! I love Todd and I love the show, but I do occasionally get frustrated that in his rush to get to a bit he thinks is funny, he gives less-than-adequate context for the listener.

  5. Richmond says:

    Does anyone know how to find that video of the lady talking about all the foods she wants from the latest episode?

    I love the Show, but it drives me insane when Todd refers to music/videos/Internet stuff but doesn’t say where to find the original!

  6. Jason says:

    Did Todd just reveal the name of his… ahem, “friend?” If you did, Todd, I’m proud of you!

  7. Nubes says:

    Does anyone know which episode is the one which has the bit about todd’s mom writing a check for a dollar for b.j’s or something like that. I remembered it was funny as hell but cant find the episode, PLease Help!!

  8. Wesley Marshall says:

    Yay. So much fun sitting in. Thanks again Todd and Chris!