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Episode 9: The Todd Glass Show
Kevin Farley
The Todd Glass ShowThe Todd Glass Show

The Todd Glass Show #9: Kevin Farley

Kevin Farley stops by the shop for some sing-alongs, family storytelling and more!

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  1. Comments Police says:

    HI everyone. Im here to grade comments cause that douche todd wont.
    Ok mike ehh it seems weird you would wait all day for this.
    jeremey— needs to get his own podcast. jamesey– thank you. holly—- not bad maybe show some boobs next time. jewishy—- im not even reading all that. jeff yes i loved the trumpet bits also…
    we needed more comments on inglebert humperdink and how funny that was.. and also the videos where he takes it out and gives golden showers to the women.. anyway ill check back .

  2. Lucas says:

    This is so quickly becoming my favorite podcast, and I genuinely love the way it’s just a few guys (and one girl) having a conversation with bits. I’m glad it’s not so focused of an interview, because we have WTF for serious interviews and CBB for the crazy character interviews. This gives a different style of inside comedy, just hearing a bunch of comedians hanging out and doing bits with one another, and then hearing the recurring segments on later episodes makes you feel, though I feel slightly silly saying this, like you’re part of the group and you get the in jokes.

    Really fantastic work, Todd, and please don’t change a thing (except maybe splitting the main show and the aftershow just to make it more manageable to listen to at work).

  3. jeff says:

    Love the show – like you say it’s a great combo of silly and serious, from the crazy repetition bits (trumpet! kids laughing!) to going off on bigots (Christine O’Donnell), it’s all great listening.

    I’ve listened to every episode twice. Please keep up the pace of releases, and keep ’em nice and long! Can’t get enough.

  4. scott says:

    This is my first show and I had trouble following along. It didn’t seem like the guest was the focus of the show, and I was looking forward to more stories about Kevin and Todd or even about Chris (as it seemed like Todd was suggesting they would do). Instead the show switched directions a lot and left me disappointed. I guess I agree with the previous comment. My only suggestion would be to keep the show shorter and more focused. Even CBB has a lot of improv, but Aukerman keeps it focused.

    So maybe it’s fun for Todd to make the show, it’s just not fun to listen to. Sorry!

  5. jewishy says:

    I love Todd. I was looking forward to the show ever since Todd left Comedy and Everything – his appearances on Death Ray and other podcasts are always a treat. So, when I say this, it is delivered with love and, I hope, received as constructive criticism. This show is a loud, rudderless mess. I don’t want it to be WTF or PFTompkcast or Nerdist but you guys need to pull it together. The antic, unrelenting schticks are exhausting – seriously, have you tried actually listening to a couple of episodes back to back? Take some advil before you try. So here is my suggestion, and I’m serious. Each week, have someone else host the show and have Todd be the guest or the second banana. Again, I’m serious. Think about it – why is Todd so funny when he is on other shows? Listen to his last guest spot on Death Ray – it was the one with PFT and Todd was talking about his mom’s subaru – it was genuinely funny because he was getting needled and teased by Aukerman and PFT. That is Todd at his best because he is in his natural state – a goofy, hapless, middle aged man child. Todd isn’t a host – he has no hosting skills. He can’t hold an interview to save his life because he can’t maintain a train of thought for more than a few minutes at a time. He needs someone else there to organize and guide the proceedings, play off his idiosyncrasies and neuroses, etc. Each week, have the guest be the host and let Todd do what he does best – play the part the rambling, self-obsessed oddball. Again, I’m not saying this to be mean spirited or dickish – I think it could be a unique spin on the worn out comedy podcast format and I think it would be perfectly suited to Todd’s persona.

  6. holly says:

    I live for Todd’s bits. This podcast is hilarious and wonderful.
    Thank you for doing this.


  8. Rodrigo says:

    Plane PIC(Thats what Scott Tabletop calls pictures)?

  9. Jamesy says:


    I know its very easy to say to yourself “Todd- you’re a loser, Todd- you don’t deserve this podcast, Todd- there are plenty of people who are more qualified and talented and funnier to do this type of work than you. But, I am here to tell you that you are worth listening to, you are funny and you aren’t wasting everyone’s time. This is a solid show. Remember what Mommy always used to say “Practice makes Better, You Loser”
    Guy who gives bad pep talks

  10. Jeremy says:

    You know what’s cool as hell? Hearing your name on the show. I’m totes down to help with the wall still. And on top of that, I’ve been writing sketch ideas, and when finals are over I’m gonna inundate your email with that shit. You’re welcome.

  11. Dave says:

    Where’s the pic of the plane?

  12. Mike says:

    Waited for this all day. Love it.