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Episode 71: The Todd Glass Show
Doug Stanhope and Daniel…
The Todd Glass ShowThe Todd Glass Show

The Todd Glass Show #71: Doug Stanhope and Daniel Kinno

Doug Stanhope comes to BlackHorse Motors to hang out with us! Doug already knows all our songs, so we sing a few, talk about some current issues, and more!

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  1. Steve Conroy says:

    Jesus F’in Christ.  I love Stanhope and Glass… but trying to listen to this podcast was like listening to your neighbor trying to kickstart his shitty old Vespa for 30 mins.  What’s with all the god damn run up and jingles and nonsense?  
    I need to punch something now.  Thanks, jerks.

  2. cris cros says:

    wont bother with this if Doug didnt get his mic time…..

  3. Me says:

    Yeah this guy likes the sound of his own voice and isn’t funny at all … talks over everyone. Would have loved to hear more of Doug,

  4. FAtphillburt says:

    All u had to say was DOUG STANHOPE…the best…for me…handsdown…thebest next to carlin.thebest.

  5. dave says:

    holy shit does this host like the sound of his own voice.
    I kept skipping ahead for the part where he shuts up and lets doug talk and I gave up at the 40 min mark. This interview is even worse than when Doug was on Keith and the Girl. Doug fans, don’t waste your time.

  6. rick says:

    No idea what’s happening around 15:00 for like a minute and a half–you should listen to Howard Stern closer. He’s pathologically disturbed by dead air and bad radio. I listen to Stern so much this is glaring.

  7. dduck says:

    the song is “der fuhrer’s face”

  8. Mark says:

    Guy above – the song is by Spike Jones.

  9. Hiii, Heeey, How are you? says:

    dear todd, you are a funny MAN

    i need to know the name of the wacky german nazi parody song that sounds like happy farting sounds when it starts.
    i need it for my ringtone……thankyou very much


    P.S., dont listen to the turd who posted above me

  10. asdfghjkl says:

    What was this shit?The only reason listened to this was because I’m a Stanhope fan.Here’s a tip:If you have a guest, you may want them to do some of the talking instead of the host telling his bullshit stories.

  11. A.J. Sharer says:

    He is a pastor. He was actually my pastor at Brentwood Christian Church back when I used to go to church. He’s a good guy. I’m not a religious guy myself, but Phil always had a level head.

  12. Jordan says:

    Hey I know this is a stupid question, but what’s the email address for the show again? I’d like to write one to Todd/ them. Thanks.

  13. Daniel says:

    Doug Stanhope! I was thrilled. Please have him back on again! 😀

  14. Chris says:

    Jesus Christ! I keep deleting what I type. So I’m just going to say it. DOUG STANHOPE!? HELL YEAH!!! THANK YOU.

  15. Zach Coty says:

    Great episode. Once again the show got me through a long overnight shift. I replayed the loop event so many times, I couldn’t believe what was happening

  16. blindnil says:

    Yay! Ari Shaffir live last night for my 35th birthday and then Stanhope on the TGS! Best birthday ever!

  17. judy says:

    I’ve heard of ‘me put peepee in your coke’.

  18. sybarite says:

    Hey Todd,
    That microphone loop thing was the funniest bit for me in the entire episode. Please play with loops again. With Rory. I predict funny things. Keep rockin’

  19. Mark says:

    The looping. Holy shit.

  20. judy says:

    doug stanhope??? shut the front door. brb dying.