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Episode 48: The Todd Glass Show
A Super Serious Bonus…
The Todd Glass ShowThe Todd Glass Show

The Todd Glass Show #48: A Super Serious Bonus Episode

Todd and Daniel do a bonus episode to address some fan letters and talk about some important social and human rights issues.

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  1. Kyle Starr says:

    Thank you for this episode! Loved every bit of it!

  2. Jerry says:

    Great episode. Todd please keep this up – it’s so rare to find this kind of long-form, passionate, rational discussion on this topic anywhere in the media.

    A request – get a guest on who disagrees with you (or a 90 percenter), so you can try out your argument on the real thing (like you did on CaEE). It would help those of us who encounter these bigoted people, but haven’t yet been able to talk them out of their stance. And it would probably even help fine tune your argument be even more prepared for ignorant opponents.

  3. Rev. Mike says:

    Todd, I could say this over and over again, but…Thank you for all of the careful, sane discourse. I think the discussions you are having are very important. I appreciate that this is a “serious” episode, and I also love the “regular” episodes that may blend humor and seriousness. Keep up the big work. I was someone bullied for being “different” as a teenager. I am not gay, but I was called faggot and threatened, sometimes on a daily basis. I have not always been OK, for that and other reasons. I have had struggles with sobriety and an abusive nature, whatever the causes. But I can be better, and I am better. It takes honesty and work. Todd, your humanity and integrity shine through at all times. Thank you.

  4. John G. says:

    Thank you Todd.

    (And Daniel and Katie.)

  5. anonymous (needs a proofreader) says:

    Sorry about the double “know”.

  6. anonymous (but not that one) says:

    Because of my gay friendly stance, I am often confided in. I know know more closeted gay men than out.

    Fight the good fight sir.

  7. Dave says:

    Hands down The Todd Glass Show is the best podcast on the internet. It’s one thing to have an amazing and funny show that entertains, but its also a show that is bringing so much positivity to so many people. My gratitude goes out to everyone involved in the show!

  8. Frida says:

    Thank you.

    As a straight person that keeps having to argue with people around me (at the office or even in my family) when they make a homophobic comment, because that’s the least I can do for the many gay people in my life (and because I feel that if you let it go, you are part of the problem) I really appreciated this episode.

  9. Brian P. Whipple says:

    I’m super seriously in love with the two of you right now.

  10. kathy. says:

    hahaha calling someone a pussy. How dare you.

  11. ian says:

    YES!! I’ve been waiting for this one.