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Episode 40: The Todd Glass Show
Mike Koman and Daniel Kinno
The Todd Glass ShowThe Todd Glass Show

The Todd Glass Show #40: Mike Koman and Daniel Kinno

Mike Koman returns to the show and he, Daniel, and Todd talk about some stuff. And we all sing our favorite song again!

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  1. Keith says:

    Daniel, your thing about Mike Wallace was definitely interesting, and I was shouting in my car when you were defending yourself. I think Todd was just a little uptight. Can I say that? I love this show. I love Todd Glass and everyone else. This is fuuuuunnnnnnnn!!

  2. Randy McFearless says:

    I’m actually a little glad to see some critical posts about the last ep, though I’m nowhere near leaving the show. I think overall, Todd needs to lighten up about things like fading out. There was this perceived loss of control that I as a listener didn’t really feel. There have been episodes where things were much more chaotic, but still very enjoyable.

    He also kept doing this annoying thing where he’d berate someone, then try to switch it up at the last minute and act like it’s a character. Uncomfortable.

    Anyway, just trying to be constructive. Todd was just a little cranky that day. It was still a good episode, with the highlights being the bully conversation and Katie washing her secret baby in the toilet.

  3. Ben Black says:

    Excellent episode for clearing out the phonies! I love every second you give us, Todd. Keep em coming no matter what.

  4. TS says:

    Megan Conroy said:
    “no one believes you care about bullying or any other hot button issue if your a pot head”

    That makes a lot of sense.

    Oh, wait. No it doesn’t.

    This episode might have had its ups and downs (I liked Todd’s rollercoaster analogy) but I have to say, the bit with Katie playing and splashing around in the toilet water was hands down one of the funniest things that’s ever happened on the show. Keep up the good work, guys!

  5. insert name here says:

    This episode wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible either. I’m pretty sure that I’ve enjoyed other episodes less than this one, if Todd hadn’t brought it up on numerous occasions, I wouldn’t have given it a second thought. As long as this show keeps delivering episodes like that James Adomian one a few weeks back, I’ll keep coming back for more.

  6. Megan Conroy says:

    Holy crap that was a terrible show. I’m dropping this show since it was so bad. Todd really needs to stop berating his guests and workers for simple things like moving a mic or checking a phone. Also I had to just fast forward through all the “serious talk”, no one believes you care about bullying or any other hot button issue if your a pot head.

    Won’t be listening to another show again, and that’s cause I started from show 1.

  7. kathy. says:

    “What’s so scary about ghosts anyway?”
    “Well you can’t see them and they move shit around.”

    I don’t care if your podcast makes sense or not, but some of this one was not very funny. Whatever.

  8. Angryatheist says:

    I partially disagree with whether or not you should stay together for the kids. There are definitely clear times when there’s no way it’s better for the kids. But there are situations where couples should do their best to stick out when they might otherwise get divorced. I’m thinking of times when, without kids they wouldn’t have been sure whether or not to stay together.
    I’m the youngest by five years and am in college but still haven’t completely left the nest. I have a pretty significant mood disorder and still need support from my parents. My dad moved out about a year ago, but they reconciled and the family dynamic is WAY better now. It’s times like these when parents might try harder to work through things than single couples. I think in the vast majority of cases, you’re absolutely right. I’m almost positive all the kids I knew whose parents got divorced it was by far better for everyone involved. But there are exceptions.

  9. RPE says:

    Big fan of the show but this episode is a disaster! They should not have put this up, it’s unlistenable. Todd gets overwhelmed and flips out over nothing every 5 minutes, which was very uncomfortable to listen to. He really needs to stop smoking so much pot at the top of the show…he just cannot handle his hosting duties otherwise. He cut Mike off during some really funny bits and was basically acting like a child.

  10. Tom Steele says:

    Thank you, Todd for speaking up against what I feel is the worst show on TV. Toddlers and Tiaras is CHILD abuse. People shouldn’t watch it, and TLC shouldn’t even air it.

  11. Johan Melin says:

    Best show and longest!

    The last bit feelt like a Doug Stanhope closing, so great.

  12. SpandexScientist says:

    Loved the Katie bit by the way! 🙂

    Woohoo! Yay! Woohoo..

  13. SpandexScientist says:

    Oh god, yes. I need my fix.

    I swear I’ve listened to all of your episodes atleast three times over now.