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Episode 39: The Todd Glass Show
Nick Thune and Daniel Kinno
The Todd Glass ShowThe Todd Glass Show

The Todd Glass Show #39: Nick Thune and Daniel Kinno

The very tall and hilarious Nick Thune joins the show to sing some songs, Todd admits he has no rhythm, and they talk about how annoying it is to rake leaves!

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  1. Hesper says:

    Thank You! I love the the Todd Glass Show! *:)

  2. WesFX says:

    Just wanted to check back in about my last comment; I gave it a second listen and it was me. It was a great show as usual. A little more serious for most of it, and got really silly at the end. Nick Thune was rolling with every punch, and I hope he can come back later.

  3. WesFX says:

    I wanna start this comment by saying, Nick Thune’s appearance on fellow Nerdist Network podcast, You Made It Weird, was one of my favorite from the series.

    Maybe my head was in a weird place, but I didn’t feel like Nick gelled well with Todd’s style, and I felt disappointed by this episode. I love the show so much and always listen to the episodes more than once so I’ll re-evaluate this one at some point, but I just wanted to put my thought out there in case it could be used constructively in tandem with some thoughts that the people involved with the podcast may have had.

  4. Dave says:

    ‎Todd Glass: “Enough is enough, am I right?”

    Nick Thune: “You are right. Those are the same words…They’re even spelled the same.”

  5. Ryan says:


    I love my knit hats. Your great. And your podcast is great.
    a bag of weed, a bag of weed..

  6. 0411 says:

    A friend of mine works at a game store and one day a kid walked in with his father and the kid wanted a game with a female main character, so my friend picked a game for him (Mirror’s Edge) and the father went “hey son why don’t you pick something a bit more manly” and that sort of thing, and my friend replied with something I never really thought of – “Hey, don’t worry, I’m a girl and I like guy stuff like video games”. I just subconsciously always had double standards, when a girl liked “guy stuff” it was cool, but when a guy liked “girl stuff” it wasn’t… I just wanted to share that.

  7. Where? says:

    Where was Rory Scovel this week?

  8. todd says:

    Who curates the visual art shows at Meltdown? I am a multi media installation artist/ nerd from Philly who would love to talk to someone about the space.

  9. pbnews says:

    This episode made me wish I had a bag of weed. Weird, must have been subliminal or something…

  10. Mark N says:


  11. SpandexScientist says:

    If there was some kind of way to distil your jingles into some kind of liquid, which I could then inject directly into my blood stream. I would do it in a heartbeat.

    I would likely die; I would however pass from this world with a big smile on my face.

  12. Logan says:

    Farside rules!

  13. judy says:

    nick thune and daniel kinno in the same room. thats like sex in the mouth.