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Episode 29: The Todd Glass Show
Rory Scovel and Mike Koman
The Todd Glass ShowThe Todd Glass Show

The Todd Glass Show #29: Rory Scovel and Mike Koman

Rory and Mike come back for more laughs. There’s bits, music, bits, and more!

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Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero in THE DARK KNIGHT Interrogation Scene


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  1. Tillburg says:

    @ the ending:
    ;_; You’ll always be on top, Todd. You’ll always be on top…

  2. Julie says:

    I love that Rory Snowball.

  3. a says:

    There is nobody I’d rather hear talk than Todd Glass.

  4. Ethan says:

    Honestly, every time I’ve listened to the show while on the treadmill I’ve nearly collapsed. I can’t be expected to hear Rory’s machine gun no’s and still manage a decent pace. Thanks for forcing me back to actual music, you funny motherfuckers.

  5. Al says:

    Sad to hear the show is over. Goodnight sweet prince.

  6. Tim says:

    When they were talking about someone listening on a treadmill, I was running THROUGH THE PARK. Thank God – that [email protected]% almost got real.

  7. krantus says:

    Love this show. The silliness, the hilarity. All of it. Never quit this ever

  8. Tory says:

    I need you to know that I listen to your podcast while on the treadmill, but most of the time when I am running outside. I would love for you to add in more exercise humor or just encouragement to keep me going. And two and two and fuck…

  9. JohnK says:

    Fine Todd, go ahead and QUIT. But if you do, I’M NEVER LISTENING AGAIN!

  10. Trenton says:

    somewhere in the hundreds of minutes of this podcast Rory started getting on my nerves. Painfully so. I had to listen to this thing in two different sittings.

    less length. less Repedetive-Rory.

  11. Josip Vujcic says:

    That ending just made my week!

  12. Murphy1d says:

    God yes Todd…the show is only getting better. Please stop. You have years to go before you reach the peak. Hell, you haven’t even done a “Very Special Episode” yet. Stop now. Because its really funny.

  13. Willis says:

    Love the show, but nothing. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  14. Josh says:

    Loved this episode so much, so much belly aching laughter my stomach hurt by the end.

  15. Brian S says:

    I love this show. This, by far, is the most ridiculous and perfect episode. Todd, you are amazing. Never. Stop.

  16. ben says:

    I really feel that the prefaces should be prefaced.

  17. Anthony Pickett says:

    I’m the guy who hates the show but listens everyweek gets really mad but ends with something nice.

  18. Anthony Pickett says:

    Finally been listening since the first show fucking ZzZz…bored. This podcast sucks my dick. Goodluck in the future.

  19. Zach Coty says:

    Hey just a side thought: What would happen if someone actually got pissed off on the show? Or something awkward happened or whatever? Like, how would we as the audience know? We would all be like, “Holy shit they’re really committed to this bit.” but they’d be really mad. I bet I wouldn’t get it til Todd addressed it on the next episode.

    I bet it’s gonna happen at some point too. It will be something like when Jimmy Pardo got mad at Pat Francis on Never Not Funny a few years ago. It’s gonna be so weird and then funny afterward though.

  20. Zach Coty says:

    I FUCKING LOVE THIS PODCAST SO GODDAMN MUCH! It’s good to see Rory Snowball get a jingle. Don’t ever ever ever stop

  21. Matt says:

    Merrill is such a narc!!!!!!!!!!! Glad I don’t live in Philly, I would have went in high to get a haircut and have a chat and then she would have Narc’d on me.

  22. MichaelH says:

    This show was fantastic. I love that the sounds effects were tight enough that there was the flatline sound when the hostpital bit derailed (don’t know if Todd spotted it in the moment), and Katie rolls with stuff so fast. And even the background guests like Andy’s girlfriend were great.

    Obviously, next week the bit needs to be that Audible is demanding six months of shows, or Chris needs to phone in and yell at not losing the Audible sponsorship.

  23. Todd Mason says:

    No, no…you’d have to have your farewell show on THE DORK FOREST, then your grand re-instatement show on COMEDY AND EVERYTHING ELSE…

  24. Tony says:

    The yelling at Andy bit WINS! And keep prefacing. It’s also a winner! Love ya Todd!

  25. Dave says:

    That ending was a little too real for me. I love the Todd Glass Show. If it went away, the amount of silliness in my life would plummet, and that is unacceptable. You are not allowed to quit, Todd. Now I’m going to be worried all until Todd comes back and says he was kidding. THANKS, TODD.

  26. Rompe says:


    i died when i heard that.

  27. Mark says:

    Rory’s list of cupcake shows, followed by Todd making an actual movie reference (!!!), made my jaw drop, like, a whole bunch. (Liar Liar is a hugely underrated silly comedy. Love it.)

  28. Justin says:

    Happy to hear you finally got your Audible sponsor!

  29. Victoria says:

    I know you were only joking, but that ending almost made me cry.
    I hope you know you can never quit this show.

  30. Andrew says:

    By far one of the funniest show I’ve heard on this podcast. Kudos Mr. Glass!!