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Episode 25: The Todd Glass Show
Andy Kindler and Daniel…
The Todd Glass ShowThe Todd Glass Show

The Todd Glass Show #25: Andy Kindler and Daniel Kinno

The always hilarious Andy Kindler joins Todd and Daniel to talk singing, comedy and more!

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Special thanks to Carvin for supplying us with the equipment we need to record this podcast! Check out for more information on recording equipment, guitars, amps and more!


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  1. @chrismurphyusa says:

    I was spitting my coffee out on the subway platform listening to the “Whatsamattayou?” alternate takes with that fucking reverb! I just didn’t want it to stop & I pray to god that bit is revisited next time Andy is on the show! I should probably be ashamed of myself for admitting that. Another highlight was “Blue Cos” & Andy saying that when he watches footage of his sets on the road, he’ll invite the hotel’s staff to join him in his room. This one was just an insane mess & I loved it. Glass & Kindler – tough to beat.

  2. Hesper says:

    I love sound effects! The chain saw had me laughing so hard! I did catch that part about servers being the ones to come to your rescue when rude members of the audience decide to lie about their experiences with getting told off. That’s the truth! You make the lives of servers better Todd. Servers have to listen to so many bad sets. Do you have any idea how great it is to have someone good go through a club! Well, yes you do. You mentioned not singing Sweet Caroline. That’s so funny because I had to stop singing along at a club that shall remain nameless. I just couldn’t sing along anymore. Bah Ba Nah! I love the, what I’ll call, the “Jerry Seinfeld” sound effect. And, the Indian Karaoke!

  3. Julia says:

    ooops comment got cut off.

    It should say

    So great. You guys are nuts. I mean that in a good way.

    I guess it kinda works the other way too though. Weird.

  4. Julia says:

    guys are nuts. I mean that in a good way.

  5. Troy says:

    That’s what’s missing from every type of podcast with a comedian; impromptu bits. I’m super serious!
    Plus the music you hunt for got me into a search. I found this silly Trinidadian(?) song that seems up your alley.

    This podcast is awe inspiring!

  6. Ron Vigil says:

    Best “Whatsa-Matta-You” mashups ever!

  7. Mike Dizney says:

    The blue Bill Cosby at the end had me laughing so hard. Thanks, Todd!

  8. Josip Vujcic says:

    The ‘Who is Andrew Bird?’ moment cracked me up. Another great podcast. And congrats for Best new comedy podcast award!

  9. Trenton says:

    every single time he tried to do a “we’ll take a break” joke, Andy talked right over it.

  10. winkle mankle dink says:

    Todd is amazing. I love PFTompost, also. Todd wants great music in the show.
    He should make Ebon Schletter appear with Paul, so there would be a marriage of music and podfoolery.

  11. Vincent S says:

    How about a Paul F Tompkins hosted Todd Glass Show and Todd is the plucky and sassy producer?

  12. eric says:

    Sweet! Few people make me laugh more than Andy Kindler. I’m very much looking forward to this one.

    Also, when is Paul F. Tompkins going to be on the show? You really teased us by having him introduce the first episode–I would never have guessed that several months later he would have yet to make another, more in-depth appearance.

  13. Johnny says:

    Someone! Anyone! Please Help! I just can’t get enough of this Todd Glass!

  14. Jason says:

    Another amazing podcast, I’m counting down the days till your show at Helium in Philly!