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Episode 21: The Todd Glass Show
Shannon Lee, Child…
The Todd Glass ShowThe Todd Glass Show

The Todd Glass Show #21: Bonus! Shannon Lee, Child Therapist

It’s the bonus episode with child therapist, Shannon Lee! She comes on to discuss the topic of spanking with Todd.

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  1. Jonny says:

    yesyesyesyesyesyesyes This was amazing. Thank you.

  2. michelle mitchell says:

    I want to thank you for doing this. It was a wake up call to me as a mother, to remember that they are little people and it is my job to give them all the tools they need in this unruly world. And my techniques were lacking to say the least. I have started using some of the techniques that you guys discussed and it works! Its amazing when you don’t just immediately get frustrated and yell, and instead take the time to breathe and don’t react in a negative way, how much better their behavior is.
    Thanks again. This podcast changed my parental life!

  3. ChrisT says:

    Shannon Lee was excellent on the show she knows what she is talking about, its just a shame that people believe that because chopping a kids leg off is worse than chopping a kids toe off its alright to hit. What I mean by that is people think ‘there must be violence that is ok I just have to find the right level’
    Hitting and abuse are the same thing its just spanking is wrongly considered to be socially acceptable.
    I am fortunate to live in a country where child abuse is illegal including Sexual, Physical and Mental abuse and yes that means spanking, I am English we also teach evolution in school.

    And to people who say being spanked worked for me and its working for my kids, Not being spanked worked for me, my brother and my brothers kids and I bet statistically someone who was abused as a child is more likely to be abusive, so it isn’t working cause it turned you into someone who can’t treat there own children like humans and has got to hurt the people who depend most of all on them not to mention why would you argue for the ability to hurt the people your meant to love most of all is it not better to spend a bit of time getting to know your kids and talking with them to learn why they might be acting out etc
    PS I know all that was a ramble and pretty much re-appropriated arguments which have already been used by Todd and Shannon etc but maybe I said it different enough
    PPS love the show I was also gonna leave a message saying how you should have Jimmy Dore back, well done for beating me to it and it would be nice to have Stef and jimmy there if you do get ‘So called expert’ Shannon Lee back just seeing the teachers side is interesting also. And thats enough for one day

  4. Randy McFearless says:

    Todd, whenever you have a seasoned expert backing you up, there’s no need to yell so much. I love these kinds of topics, and hearing that this episode was coming up, I was excited. Especially already knowing your passion for it from the CAEE days. But as I listened, I kept getting taken out of the discussion by all the screaming. I know this is a pet issue for you, and this episode was you finally getting vindication for knowing what you’ve known all along, but you were like progressively losing your shit as the ep went on. It’s okay to be outraged and indignant, but let the expert do her thing, and let the discussion stand on its own. It doesn’t need all that extra energy.

    And I realize that I could be alone in this opinion, but what would be the harm in toning it down a little bit?

  5. Jack says:

    Please do more “bonus” shows.Completely independent of the fact that I agree with the viewpoint of this extra episode, I just really, really enjoy listening to Todd talk about anything, always.

  6. Zach Coty says:

    Ok so I have listened to about half of this episode, gonna finish it tonight on the way to work, but I want to comment on the first half. Todd, I like the way you talk about this issue. I’ve listened to Comedy and Everything Else, and I think I even wrote Stef an email, but overall I agree with you. The one thing that I disagree with is on the value of hitting as a form of discipline. I was hit very rarely as a kid (I’m 22 now) and sure it did a little damage but it also did teach me boundaries and whatnot and it taught me that my parents were imperfect. They did always talk to me about it and apologize for losing their temper, and actually stopped hitting pretty early in my life, which I think is a good thing. I guess my real problem is with Shannon Lee is presenting the damage of hitting. She uses words like absolutely and never and honestly I feel that’s a bit hyperbolic. I definitely agree that hitting is an outdated disciplinary method that is not the most effective or safe way of teaching a child to behave, but I really don’t agree with the level of damage you guys are suggesting. There really has to be a difference between abuse and hitting, I mean literally all of my friends were hit by their parents to some degree and almost all of them are against it, and a few of my friends with kids do not hit their kids and make an effort to find better ways.

    Like I said, I 99% agree with you both, it’s just for some reason I feel a little off about the presentation.

    Still, great episode (looking forward to the last 20 minutes), and I would love to see more of these more serious episodes once in a while. Thanks!

  7. Justin says:

    John from Ohio, I didn’t notice the first guy’s name was Justin too, but I guess I’m the ingrate and a dum dum. Your herbal remedy remark kind of won me over. I apologize for being so internet angry, but I just feel bad when Todd feels insecure about his show and the “negative” remarks can’t help. Let’s continue to evolve as a species with our social discourse on a podcast comment section.

  8. eloj says:

    > The correct use of spanking

    There is no correct use of spanking.

    > help them to become well-adjusted adults.


    > It worked on me, and it’s working with my two boys.

    The fact that you hit your children betrays the lie of the last two statements. Your parents did you wrong, and now you’re doing wrong in turn, and they will probably continue the trend.

    If your children become “well-adjusted adults” it’s in spite of your spanking, not because of it. People all over the world reach that status without this sort of abuse.

    You’re corrupt on all axes; scientifically, intellectually and morally.

  9. Vincent S says:

    I fraking love this podcast! 3 in a week and it’s always funny (even the serious bonus ^ this). For some reason I haven’t found any of your POV topics to be grating on my consciousness. They all seem, although a little OCD, well meaning and none-douche-y. Keep up the great work.

  10. John in Ohio says:

    Todd, I just wanted to express myself regarding the issue that you raised. I know you don’t care what I think–that’s okay. I’m not offended by your stance. I’m not going to stop listening just because I don’t agree with your views. What I wrote wasn’t meant to be confrontational, just a reaction to the show. As usual every audience has a few people who can’t interact as an adult when somebody disagrees with them–it’s not “negative” energy, it’s social discourse, you ingrate. The idea that people shouldn’t listen to things they know they may not agree with is ridiculous. “Yes, and” should be saved for improv–not real life. Todd and I may agree 90%
    of the time on other issues, especially the herbal remedies.

    I’m not advocating that spanking is the only effective tool for every child in every discipline situation. It is one of many tools that a parent can use to raise a child. I don’t think it should be off limits to a parent. I understand the assertion that spanking is abuse, but I think that priorities should be adjusted to attack the more egregious issues facing children. I’m not against improving society, but there have been too many theories regarding child rearing by experts that didn’t pan out. That is all I have to say about that.

    Again, Todd, love your comedy–love the podcast.
    p.s. I sincerely hope your not writing as Justin.

  11. Aunt B says:

    While I have no opinion about child discipline as I was basically raised like an animal. Latch key for the win. I just can’t believe Todd is still having this argument, what three years later? IMO It would have been a more interesting ep if there was someone there with a “spare the rod, spoil the child” point of view.

  12. Jay Schroeder says:

    Where is the missing show #20? I am very anal retentive, and like to do things in order, so if #20 is going to come out later, I may want to wait until that comes out so continuity is not compromised.

  13. John K. Walsh says:

    Hey this episode was awesome. Bonus discussion episodes like this should be a regular thing.

    Anyway, it’s pretty interesting that someone can listen to this and still defend their use of spanking. So refer to Shannon as a “so-called expert,” okay. What are you? A guy with kids. Imagine we were discussing any other topic – would you have the audacity to claim you, as a layperson, know better than someone with 12 years experience in a particular field?

    This guy says spanking is a minor issue compared to the physical and mental abuse kids face everyday. Well, the whole point of this episode was to explain that spanking IS abuse. Is it as bad as whipping your kid with a switch? No. Is it as bad as chaining your kid to a radiator? No, but it is far more common. And you don’t see people writing about the correct use of chains and radiators and the valuable lessons they teach children.

    Sure spanking worked for you man, it worked for me too. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a better way. That’s what we do as a society, we look at the science and change our behavior to improve ourselves. My grandfather rubbed whiskey on his kids gums when they were teething. You think my dad did that to me? No, because we found a better way. When people say “things were different back then,” all that means is that people were less educated.

    If you saw someone hitting a dog, wouldn’t you be disgusted? Even if their heart was in the right place? Now replace that dog with a kid.

    Anyway, The Todd Glass Show is the best podcast around!

  14. Todd Mason says:

    Aside from the Johns in Ohio and elsewhere, the most notorious advocates for slapping kids are the likes of “Dr.” James Dobson and his “Focus on the Family” organization, propped up with such “classic” books as DARE TO DISCIPLINE. (Gwan, he dares you.)

  15. Justin says:

    Todd this was great. You should do more episodes with specialists in different fields. It’s a fun way to approach learning. I also love when Daniel is on the show. And John from Ohio can go fuck himself. Go listen to the billions of other things out there. No one needs your negative energy in this little community.

  16. Justin says:

    This was great Todd. You should do more episodes with specialists in different fields. It”s a fun away to approach learning. And excuse my French, but John from Ohio can go fuck himself. Go listen to the billions of other things out there.

  17. Josip Vujcic says:

    Three episodes of The Todd Glass Show in one week made me very happy. This episode really reminded me of ‘Comedy and everything else’ days and made me wonder is there any chance Jimmy could be a guest on one of your future shows?

  18. Ben says:

    This was a different episode. Very informative. I’d like to see Todd do other bonus episodes on other social issues.

    Can’t lie I was waiting for Todd to pull the whole “,,,,,,you fuck that shit?” line the whole show.

    Is it Friday yet?

  19. Zach Coty says:

    Oops I posted on the wrong episode, haven’t listened to this one yet.

  20. Zach Coty says:

    I had a really bad couple of days at work and this episode really cheered me up. When Todd and Rory start bouncing off each other I cannot stop laughing. And who queues the Audible drops and the other drops, is it Katie? Those get me every single time. This show is pure fun, thank you so much for doing it.

  21. Ms. Me says:

    Does Ms. Lee have any advice for teachers who are dealing indirectly with poor parenting skills?

  22. K says:

    Spanking is for S&M, not for kids.

    Great show Todd!!

  23. Hesper says:

    Thank you. The Todd Glass show is the best pod cast on the planet. *:)

  24. Justin says:

    Hey John in Ohio,

    If you actually listened to the show, you would know that Todd doesn’t care what you think about his opinions. You don’t have to listen. Obviously, you are offended that Todd thinks kids shouldn’t be physically harmed.

    He said in the episode released last Friday and on the bonus episode on Monday that this episode will be released as a BONUS EPISODE so you don’t have to listen to it if you don’t care. YOU DON’T HAVE TO LISTEN TO IT. So fucking don’t and shut up.

  25. John in Ohio says:

    Todd, I love your comedy. I enjoy the podcast, but I couldn’t care less about the opinions of this therapist and yourself when it comes to raising children. The thoughtful use of spanking by parents is a minor issue compared to the apathy and abuse–physical and mental–that children face daily.

    If so-called experts put as much energy into helping children who don’t have a solid family to cope with life’s issues and breeders(not parents), things would improve. It seems as though the spanking issue is a straw-man argument. The real problems that children face are so monumental, the anti-spanking experts will attack something that seems an easier target.

    The correct use of spanking (based on its efficacy with the child) can be valuable in teaching a child lessons that will help them to become well-adjusted adults. It worked on me, and it’s working with my two boys.

    Todd, your a funny, intelligent man, but I don’t look to you or any other great entertainers for your thoughts on raising children, who to vote for, or what I should or shouldn’t eat. It doesn’t mean your beliefs aren’t valid to you, it just means I may not agree.