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Episode 20: Nerdist Podcast
BONUS! Rory Scovel and Norm …
The Todd Glass ShowThe Todd Glass Show

The Todd Glass Show #20: BONUS! Rory Scovel and Norm MacDonald

It’s a bonus episode! Norm MacDonald hangs around for a bit more and Rory joins us for some super fun times. There are bits, bits and more bits!

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  1. Al and Moo says:

    Al and Moomoo are the same shitty person, remember the Al and Moo from Doug

  2. I made another video-ization from this episode:
    Todd Glass & Rory Scovel “Mahna Mahna” Singing Cats – The Todd Glass Show Ep. 20

  3. moomoo says:

    “Oh my God, Norm. I don’t want to make you look stupid. I’m helping you.”

    This guy is either deluded or the worst comic on Earth.

  4. moomoo says:

    Wow, those party lines are terrible. As is the host.

  5. I made a Fan video of Rory’s Pachanga Commercial, enjoy:

  6. dibbs34 says:

    Al’s a Douche.

  7. YOUTELL'EM_AL says:

    al told them!

  8. Al says:

    Actually it was a rip-off of Eugene Levy’s genius SCTV commerical for Larry’s Nails. trust me Youtube it.

  9. al says:

    The commercial? Not funny. hacky comedian material.

  10. Rory’s Pachanga commercial :D!!!!

  11. Ron Ferraro says:

    chocolaty swirly good

  12. Alex says:

    Todd, you have no idea how right you were when you said “someone’s enjoying this”. Rory’s echoey cat noises were that perfect mix of funny and trippy… Let’s just say its moments like that that are why I listen to this show high, lol. The voice box karaoke is another such moment.

    Keep doing your thing, Todd, I’m 100% on board. Also, Rory should be permanent cohost.

  13. Omar Pelican says:

    This show was halfway between edgy and a hoot.

  14. wanderarbeiter says:

    Rory Scovel should have a podcast where he just does ads for restaurants, I would pay to listen to it.

  15. Mark says:


  16. Dylan says:

    Rory’s Pachanga’s commercial (specifically the part where he can’t think of other dinosaurs besides Triceratops) is maybe one of the single funniest things to ever happen in Nerdist Industries podcasting.
    My sternum hurts. POOOOORTIOOONS.