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Episode 153: The Todd Glass Show
Paul F. Tompkins and Andrey Belikov
The Todd Glass ShowThe Todd Glass Show

The Todd Glass Show #153: Paul F. Tompkins & Andrey Belikov

Paul F. Tompkins makes a return of epic proportions! And we have a great after show with Andrey Belikov!

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How THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE Sets Up a Possible Season 2

How THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE Sets Up a Possible Season 2

Wayne Brady Sings “Thriller” Like a 1930s Jazz Song

Wayne Brady Sings “Thriller” Like a 1930s Jazz Song



  1. j says:

    I meant u should feel very good about yourself!!! Whoops,, lol .. Uhhhhh… Yeah …. Uhmm what’s the name of that song??

  2. j says:

    What is the name of that music playing when todd asks paul about his mom killing his dad? Great episode btw guys! You should very good about yourself seriously… But please tell me what that music was..

    • Xandar1977 says:

      It’s called Java by Al Hirt. Every time they could play it I would start cracking up.

  3. Todd says:

    What is the email address to send Todd an email?

  4. Corey says:

    Greeeting from rural east coast Canada! Just wanted to share an odd case of deja vu I experienced this week during Paul F’s intro on the the show. The Song, “Java” by Al Hirt you played was also featured on Earwolfs the fogelnist Files as a song that related to his guests child hood 2 weeks ago. When I heard the song played today on The Todd Glass Show, I stopped in my tracks and said ‘Java” out loud and continued on my way. Weird…

  5. bastien says:

    By the way, I wouldn’t use John Wayne as your choice example of standing up for people. He’s most famous for “cowboys and indians” movies, some of the most racist and jingoistic pieces of film making ever made, full of actors in redface and the general ravaging and exploitaion of Native Americans and their various cultures.

    • TAG says:

      I totally agree with you but John Wayne in this case was trying to defend Barbara Walters who strived for human compassion so in this case Wayne is being a decent human being

  6. bastien says:

    Nobody punishes you for laughing more than Paul F. Tompkins.

  7. Illusion-XIII says:

    One day, I would really love to hug Paul F. Tompkins.  Listening to how smoothly and eruditely he breaks down that writer’s fallacious “idiot vs. retarded” logic was beautiful both in its clear and insightful reasoning, and in its human compassion. I could listen to him all day.

  8. Mark says:

    Oh my god the bald jerkoff card. “I jerk off left-handed” is the STRANGEST thing to write down; it’s too weird to be an attempt at an insult, they must have learned this information somehow and are trying to shame him for some reason. 
    Paul’s imitation of Todd’s manic/controlling hosting style around 1:45 is amazing too. (Todd does get a little extreme when he’s this high…)