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The Todd Glass Show #120: Daniel Kinno
Episode 120: The Todd Glass Show
Daniel Kinno
The Todd Glass ShowThe Todd Glass Show

The Todd Glass Show #120: Daniel Kinno

Daniel Kinno joins us for a great show!

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  1. sara says:

    I couldn’t even get through this. Daniel really does just argue with absolutely anything Todd says. Super frustrating.

  2. Spencer says:

    Jen Kirkman is great. Anyways is the show that Todd thought was Breaking Bad Breaking Amish?

  3. Chris Miller says:

    Chris Miller’s song was amazing…..What a get!!!! Where did you find this guy? Thanks for sharing!


    Chris Miller

  4. Tanner says:

    Might sound rude but was Daniel 100% serious with his water argument? He doesn’t think there is water in beer or Kool Aid? And doesn’t think they know how much water they put into a beer?

  5. judy says:

    The Kevin Spacey movie Todd was referencing was probably Swimming With Sharks, I bet Daniel doesn’t feel so smug now.

  6. Dan says:

    Todd Glass is dyslexic?

    Our community must organize & fight for our rights!
    Dyslexics of the world UNTIE!!!!

  7. gene says:

    Todd and Daniel, can you please tell me how much water is in light beer? Is it more or less than regular beer? Wondering which would be a better alternative for watering my plants.

  8. Jackson says:

    Sorry you had to put up with that Todd, Daniel Kinno was so completely wrong about that water thing.

  9. atodd_bcd says:

    hey doc wheatley, if you go to libsyn, you can usually get todd glass shows earlier than theyre posted on nerdist

  10. josh c says:

    Dear Todd,

    Please have Paul F. Tompkins back on the podcast.



    P.S. Daniel is awesome too. But fuck Jen Kirkman.

  11. DocWheatley says:

    Oh wow, this was posted early today. What a pleasant surprise!